Who is Kimberly Defined?

Kimberly Defined blog was started as an outlet for an over abundance of emotion. I like this blog better then erotic fantasy life because it is me as a whole. What you will read are exerts from my life an expression of self through the visual display of words linked together into paragraphs. I had forgotten that writing is a gift and even though I am not published it is not for a lack of ability.

My life isn’t exciting and in fact quite boring to most and I am quite comfortable with that. You are invited to read for the sole purpose of understanding  and nothing more. I do not need your acceptance nor ask for it. Do not look down on me because the words I chose are not to your liking or are to painfully descriptive, do not expect happily ever after as my life is does not mirror that.

I am not complaining, just explaining that I am by no means a prima donna and I have had a hard life but I am ok with that because it’s the journey that we grow from. My life  is very ugly in many ways but there is no guarantee of beauty in anyone’s life .

I am not writing to explore the realms of self pity but more of self analyzation, awareness and discover of self. I am the woman of the soil, a true believer in God, spirituality, metaphysics, the unusual, unique. I seek answers in hidden spaces and delve into self  discovery as if it were my last meal.

Life is a mystery and when we stop looking at life that way, we stop enjoying the companionship of ourselves.