Tomorrow is the auction and everything in the house goes, lock, stock and barrel. I will leave here with my clothes, a few pots and pans and my dogs. Once the auction is over and the shit gone I can make minor repairs that are needed and get it on the market. Plan to list this baby by Thursday if all goes well and she will sell by august, which would be perfect, even sooner is fine as well. I will just rent a house month by month until I decide what is what.

My son is sticking true to his lies and has a tremendous amount of anger towards me, o well this is for the best as he was making me sick and killing me, no lie. The boy has a shitload of problems and his fucking dad, that son of a bitch did this. I share the blame but my husband was an ass and did things that stick with both the kids. I honestly don’t know if I want him back but I do know I do not want him back for quite away unless he changes his attitude.

I am fortunate enough to have received a check so I can pay people to help me and we have worked around here like crazy. I’m wiped in tremendous pain and so damn lonely but I have to do this for me, let go of all reminders that’s why I’m selling everything as well as the house. My neighbors will be happier when I’m gone but most importantly I will be happy. I also know all of my neighbors are going to show up at the auction and I am turning them away. Fuck them, I have the most beautiful crystal chandelier and my neighbor told me she would buy it if I ever wanted to sell it. Fuck you, go home and gossip and wonder what I’m doing, better yet get a fucking life, damn.

I’m going to head to my rv next friday and start taking care of things there so I can sell that as well. My life is over, finished and I’m not looking back. That Kimberly was the one too many called Kim, now Kim is dead and the real Kimberly can move on without a shitload of baggage, nope going to be down to brown bagging it. I wait for no one because to do so is setting myself up for deep wounds and those have to heal.

My Angel Gabriel is working overtime on my case and he and Angel Michael are my protectors, God is my leader and I’m going to be alright just a matter of time and I will be free from the shackles that bind me. Going to the rv will help me so much and I think I will just have Shelby stay with friends because I need to get things done starting with the cobwebs in my head.