Man of God

I am in a quiet place within myself and I have found peace which I never had thought possible, you see I have a special entity that surrounds me and covers me with love-he is my angel, my special angel. He knows how my heart cries out and he soothes my soul with his kindness and understanding. He is the bearer of God’s secret messages to His chosen ones and his gifts are powerful and almighty, he is always by my side and leads me to a safe haven.


Don’t Cry

Please don’t cry for me as I no longer cry for me I am but a woman on an unknown journey and I am accepting what comes my way, yes I am excepting it no matter if it is good or bad. Kimberly


Do not give up on yourself and when you are at your weakest and you feel like giving up, know that I am there reaching out a hand to help you back up. Kimberly


Everyone seems to be takers, users and losers and there are very few givers in this world, I am a giver and always have been-I am the one that gives in during an argument because I do not like the color of arguing. I try to help anyone I can when I can but there never seems to be anyone there for me yet I still manage to put one foot in front of the other and move forward no matter how slowly. People will drain you and be unkind to you, people will hurt you and lie to you, people will turn their backs on you in your hour of need but we must remember that all of us are mere mortals and nothing more.

All of us are fallible and all of us make mistakes that we regret, it is the way of life, a learning and growing experience and this is how we touch and connect with others. My husband said terrible lies about me to my neighbors, the cops, the grocery clerk and everyone believed him because he was such a nice guy. We live in a one light town and the cops pulled me over every chance they got – reason or no reason and they ticketed me just because my husband said things.

I had one cop that was a total prick and when Bob came home to die, Chris and I turned a hate relationship into a very solid and respectful friendship that I am thankful for. People are so judgemental and gossip is their daily guru, this is a very damaging thing to get involved in but people love to gossip. Most people say they are happy when in fact they are miserable but refuse to  make a move because they are so attached to material possessions and money.

I can’t leave my husband because I wouldn’t be able to pay for the insurance on the Ferrari or I can’t leave my wife because she will take everything I have. Then there are those that use the kids as an excuse but what they don’t realize is kids have built-in antennae and they pick up vibrations and tension that we think we can hide. Children know when their parents are not happy and to stay together for the children is a lose lose situation.

I have a domestic abuse charge against by my son and have to go to court in the morning for that and then there is another court hearing regarding the state taking away my kids. Just another piece of liver on my plate as I see it. Liver is nasty and tastes terrible but it is full of vitamins that are good for us and that is how I look at the situation, it is quite unpleasant but my son needs help and I cannot give it to him. He is in dire need of attention, a man to show him the ropes and I have tried I truly have without any success.

I have reached the point of accepting what I cannot change and look at it in a positive and fruitful way as to look at it any other way would just bring pain that I do not need nor want. Love can be unkind but love can also enrich our souls and show us how to be content within ourselves but one must love oneself first to be able to accept love from another. I am learning to make peace with myself and to let go of things and people who no longer help to fulfill my life.

Cleansing of the soul and purging of the unnecessary is most important if one is to love themselves, we tend to hang on and hope things will get better in our lives but we tend to not want to accept change and that is something we must do. Change is what life is about and it doesn’t matter what your neighbor thinks because it’s your life and how you chose to live it doesn’t involve anyone else but yourself, all of us must learn to listen to that inner voice because that inner voice is your true guide to what you seek in this life.