Giving Children Power

What is wrong with America? Very simple the children have been given the power over the parents and the parents no longer have any rights. It doesn’t matter if your child is lying the child is always right but when they become useless adults the judge wants to know why they are wasting their lives. We are definitely reaping what we have sown and it is blatantly obvious in our children and our government as it is the government I blame for taking parental rights away.

I went to court this morning for a pre-trial for slapping my kid, domestic abuse-after reading the police report the judge said to me “what type of example are you setting for your kids?” WTF? My son file a false police report, all lies and my daughter knows it but yet I am the one that is hung out to dry. I’m beginning to wonder if I had a major contraction on that boys neck during childbirth and cut off the oxygen. My husband never would accept responsibility for his actions and my son is walking in the same footprints. I am not without fault as a parent, hell I should have kept my legs closed and I wouldn’t be dealing with.

Child services accused me of turning down services, what a joke they haven’t offered me anything but a girl pregnant with twins and she tells me she lost one two weeks prior, like I’m going to ask her to hand me  a kleenex? No way-then they send me a grieving counselor, he was wonderful and helpful but you can only have help for so long and then poof, they are gone. My son seems to think he can keep pulling the “abuse” card on me, well I have news for him he can live elsewhere and be abused for real and no I do not feel one bit bad for slapping him for lying and stealing.

When I was growing up I got my ass beat countless number of times and ate more than one bar of soap for lying but in today’s world I guess we are supposed to take away their toys and that is punishment enough. A good ass beating builds character and I don’t care what anyone else says, I’m not saying beat the kid black and blue but definitely a foot up the ass helps to realign the brain and thought pattern. Kids today have too much power and they abuse it, let’s pay back mom and dad and turn them in for something I deserved is the attitude of today.

I cannot see my kids unless the visits are supervised so I will not see them at all, I will not be dictated to like a child and my child giving control the parent should have. My daughter can see me at the house if she chooses and she must be supervised but I am not going out of my way as these kids have put me through hell and back. My daughter and I get along great now but my son has so many issues he needs to deal with and I think he needs to realize mom is not a door mat and no mom is not going to rescue him any longer.

I’m trying to get my inheritance from my dad’s estate which will be passed to my children and I have a battle on my hands with that crap, my sister the thief scumbag bitch is the executor of my grandmother’s estate and of course she ripped me off and I do not have the funds for another attorney. Screw it, keep the money honey cause you are lonely and will die alone, don’t call me bitch I disconnected my phone. I have to work with her to settle my dad’s estate but that is it, as far as I am concerned she has never cared anything about me unless I was helping her, a taker she is and she has a miserable life even though she is surrounded by persian rugs and designer furniture. 

My head has been so far up my ass I can’t seem to think straight, I sent her a certified letter to the wrong address, had an estate sale and gave my old address-I’d say the brain doesn’t want to function on all pistons. I am hoping to get the letter I need signed back from my sister by friday morning so I can go file the probate papers in court and start making my moves-Doris the woman that lived with my dad is leaving for Alaska on the 29th and how sweet it shall be. She will be out-of-town and I will be cleaning out the house, bank account and refiling my dad’s taxes. Greed is all-consuming in her as well as my sister so it’s time for me to step up to the plate and knock it out of the park.

Neither Doris or my sister will ever see what they have coming to them, nope only a very small portion because they don’t know it yet but they are going to be donating almost all of their money to help others. Yes, I am going to see to it that the money goes to help people who really need it and it sure isn’t the people in America. I will be sure to send them each a nice little note thanking them for their huge donations and their eyes will pop out of their heads in shock. That’s the way things go when you are not being a good person in this world, your world ends up oval and no longer round. 

Do It Until You’re Satisfied

Today I have a pre trial for slapping my kid and this afternoon I have to be at court for the removal of my kids and in between I will hopefully receive the paperwork that is required from my sister so I may take care of my dads estate. I have put the wheels in motion to have my dads girlfriend removed by adult family services because the house is uninhabitable and I’m sorry but living a house that you cannot walk through for all the filth, black mold in the basement, can’t get up the stairs to the second floor for all the crap on them isn’t safe for a 73 yr. old woman with severe crippling arthritis, so she will be removed for her own safety. The building inspector will be there today and without a doubt condemn the property and I will see to it that a padlock is put on the house to keep people out.

I pray today that there will be a check sitting in my p.o. box as I am expecting one and that will help out nicely as I need to rent a truck, hire some people and clean out what I want from the house. I have asked for a copy of my dad’s trust and she has been “to busy” to give me one so I filed in probate that there is none as I do not know for fact that there is. She has been traveling extensively, doing the casinos as well and I do hope she has enjoyed herself because as soon as I bet the probate to ok me as the one taking care of my dads affairs, I will close the bank account, refile his taxes as she filed them and falsified that she was the executor of the estate. The IRS will come at her and what she has done is illegal, o well she had an opportunity to work with me but she chose to lie and be greedy because she thinks she is entitled to everything he had, news flash not so. I will change my dad’s address and have his paperwork come to me, hire a bankruptcy appraiser to appraise the property and hopefully find the combination to the safe and remove the contents.

I do not find this to be an unpleasant experience as I have always known that she has been “nice” to me to show my dad that she cares about me, that is a crock as she has demonstrated as of late. Her attitude speaks volumes and I do not need it or deserve it. If she were smart, her and I could have done to my sister what my sister did to me regarding my grandmothers estate, it has become a situation that makes me ill as it is nothing but greed. This woman has 5 kids which she lost back in the early sixties so that tells you something as the courts did not give the father custody back then, she worked for my dad, received a paycheck, unemployment and he took care of her so she has collected what is do to her.

I told my dad he should marry her to protect her but he would not and now I know why, he knew in his heart she is greedy and would not be fair in the end so now it’s I who will do what needs to be done. Her kids think they are getting my dads land and putting a modular home on it. Not happening and if her kids step one foot on the property I will have them arrested pronto. It’s not that I am without compassion but I can no longer let people take advantage of me and I care not what she thinks.

My dads house and garage are a world of discovery, he has a motorcycle from the 60’s in the garage, an awesome wine cellar and some cool stuff he has kept over the years. I was nice enough to let her borrow some of my grandmother’s jewelry that she said my grandmother supposedly left to her but there is no documentation of that, so she best take what she can which I doubt will be much as adult family services will not want to be in that house for long and the city inspector will be there like two minutes and immediately condemn it.

I will be moving at lightening speed the next few days to take care of what I can and then I’m off to my safe haven, I may have to buy some wireless security to protect the home until I can clean it out. Once Adult family services removes her and it is on record how she has been living she will be hard pressed to get a court to allow her to take care of the trust as she cannot take care of herself. I am really dumb now aren’t I Doris? I am making sure that she will not be  qualified to take care of my dad’s legal affairs if she attempts to file the trust, she should have done that 5 months ago and since she wants to play stupid and lie the cards are showing to be not in her favor.

My dads ashes are in a box next to his bed and he wanted to be scattered on a high mountain, I asked her if I could come with her when she did it and her response was ” I don’t know where or when” which translates into she doesn’t want me around. That is ok, because I know she will not take his ashes as one of the items she removes immediately and I will take my dad to a high mountain and send him off respectfully. She has had a nice ride for many years but the carousel is stopping and it’s time for her to get off and frankly I do not care if she falls off, greed doesn’t pay and greed is ugly and she has an ugly heart.

She stole from my great-grandmother and she befriended elderly people talking them out of their possessions, this woman has been nothing but parasitic her entire life and now we will see who is there for her. Her kids do not talk to her and then when my dad passed her one daughter became her “best friend” of course she did as she knew my dad was a wonder on the stock market and she figures everything was left to her mother. Once again greed rears its ugly head and I have no choice but to raise my samurai sword and neatly slice it off, people are so damn shallow and envious most have no compassion for others and everyone is out for what they can get.

I am not after the money, no I am after my great grandmothers ribbons she won at the state fair for her  cakes, I am after my great grandmothers china I ate on as a child, I am after the memories that items hold not their value. These items hold nothing for anyone else and I am tired of being cheated out of those memories. I live on $23,000.00 a year and will continue to do so as I can survive on that and that is all I want. I am not looking for a man to support me and I’m not looking for anything other than love and all the money in the world cannot buy that, so I wait for it to come to me and it will one day.


Acer, Acer are you spying on me or protecting me from myself? I do wonder when you will let me take care of myself without your hand involved. Do you think that I am unable to protect myself? Do you think I am weak and frail? Do you think I am a bumbling idiot at times? Well my dear I am none of these and I have survived 53 yrs. amazing now isn’t it? You are so concerned about me yet I see not your face nor hear your voice on the phone.

I have asked nothing of you, not one think yet you keep trying to control my world and what I do on a daily basis, if control is what you want you have the wrong woman as I am not controllable and never  will be. If you want to love me then love me the way I need and manipulation and control are not what I need I assure you, one day you will know what it is you truly want and you will throw caution to the wind and go get it and unfortunately until that time you  will be scattered in your thoughts and actions.

As a child I ran up to my grandmother and said “ma, ma I found a frog bench” and she had no idea what I was talking about until I showed her the toad stool. I am still that little girl with eyes of wonder and exploring the world and if you would like I have an extra ticket and will gladly give it to you so you may discover the wonders that lie in front of us. Would you like that ticket Mr. Acer?