Ties That Bind

We enter this world with a clean slate and pure hearts only to be molded by our family’s believes and society’s expectations and we are taught that being thin is attractive, wealthy is the sign of success and greed and  a “me first” attitude is the way to live our lives. We should be teaching our children to have a deep faith in a higher power, may it be God or another higher power that guides us, we should be teaching our children that healthy is beautiful not thin, wealth is not measured in dollars but what is given from the heart and greed is an evil to be avoided at all costs.

We are born naked yet we are taught to cover the beauty of our bodies and to be ashamed of being “fat”, we are taught not to love our neighbor but to use them and we are no longer taught to love ourselves as we are but to conform to society’s way of thinking. There is no longer respect for the elderly, understanding for the ill and serenity is to be found on the back of a yacht instead of a field of clover. We destroy the beauty that surrounds for buildings that reach into the sky and the key to relationships is control and ownership instead of love and support.

The ties that bind us is society’s way of thinking not our free form thoughts and actions and the world I once knew is quickly disintegrating. I believe the body is beautiful no matter what size or shape, that love should be given freely with no expectation of a return on our investment, I believe in celebrating matters of the heart freely and sharing what I have with others, I believe the greatest gift of all is loving ourselves and following our heart.

Sometimes, man must be an island to cleanse the soul, purify the thoughts and find happiness in the richness of what lies before the eyes. I believe a simple meal of cheese, bread and wine shared with another is  the key to happiness as in the last supper, a simple meal was shared among friends as well as enemies. I believe we can have a great distaste for our enemies but love with overcome the anger and keeping our minds and hearts open to love even our enemy.

I believe that the deepest love two people share is expressed through love making at the highest, to express our love in a gentle, kind way and elevate the one that holds our heart. Pure love is given not in a form of a gift but through our actions and words and the greatest gift that I could ever be given is the gift to love you and you alone for who you are not what you have, that is what I pray for daily, the gift to love you, let me celebrate your life, your love and your laughter and together there can be no ties that bind stronger then the love we share.