The Public is Your Puppeteer

He lives for the people and not himself, he lives for the roar of the crowd and the ass kissers of the famous. He does not know who he is but only knows he is not happy where he is standing in his life today.

I cannot guide him as he must guide himself and find his own way and do what makes him the happiest. It is hard for some people to follow their hearts instead how to fill their wallets.

I lied to him and told him I hadn’t been with anyone since my husband died, this is not true. I was was with pilot who was the lousiest lay I have ever had and he couldn’t last 4 strokes. The guy is scared to death of his boss obviously and he is also a puppet.

He cured me of any desire to be with another man as it just wasn’t worth it and I never have been with another man since never have been with another man since, not for lack of men or desire but how shitty I felt afterward. I felt cheap and I do not like that feeling.

Dinner is at six so come on shish kabob for dinner with lots of meat just like you like and tons of veggies like I like. Let’s have dinner and a fire and let’s talk and enjoy the beautiful day. I’m waiting for y9u probably in vain but so be it. I will go ahead and eat dinner with or without you, if I can keep it down.

I love you and always will but time for me to move on. Kimberly