Steve Jobs once said, intuition coupled with your heart equals what you truly want to become. We tend to ignore one of the greatest gifts God has given to us which is our intuition, intuition gives us truth to follow even we choose to ignore it, it is still the truth and the best direction for our lives. There have been times when I didn’t listen to my inner voice and I have regretted it, but then have been times that I have listened intently and followed that voice and have found it to be spot on.

We need to learn to trust ourselves and the messages sent to us as they hold the key to the doors we need to unlock and walk through, when we believe in ourselves we find peace and tranquility coupled with love and happiness along with success. I have a psychic ability which most think is crap but it is true, I have helped many people by telling them what comes to me and runs through me, recently I was talking to a friend that runs the rv park I stay at and I got a terrible feeling, it was the feeling of imminent death and I told her to go to the Dr., run do not walk, she called me today and thanked me because they did a scan and found that she had two blockages in her heart-I am not saying I saved her life as she saved her own life by listening to me. I just have been given a gift to help others because that is what I do, I help others anyway I can.

I have had a horrendous childhood but without it I could not possibly have the love and compassion I have for others, I would never be able to understand the depth of pain that others feel or be able to show them just a bit of love and caring they need. I can feel others pain as deeply as they feel it and I have to be careful as not to let myself get sucked into their depression as I become depressed, I have learned to read the signs of what people need that I can provide and it is usually just as simple as hug and telling them I care. People need the physical as well as the mental support and that can change their day completely and give them a brighter outlook for the day.

A rich man is not necessarily a successful man, a successful man is one that is rich in giving of himself to help others and to give guidance when needed. I am rich in love and caring and I care not for material wealth as that I have learned does not make me happy. The more you give of yourself the more that comes back to you and that is a universal law, take the time to help the elderly, the handicapped and the crying child, take time to say good morning, have a great day and can I be of help to you? Take the time to acknowledge your fellow man’s accomplishments and offer a hand when he may fall and watch your world change and better things will come to you, I promise you this as it is written but you must read the words and take them to heart. 

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