I have always been an animal lover since a child, my first pet was a a dog he was half beagle and half dachshund, lol he had the dachshund little legs and the body of a beagle and I called him “Little Bit” and I adored him but he got sick and my mother made me put him in a box and gas him to death from the stove. My second pet was my horse blackie, I love horses and find them to have the ability to communicate with people that listen.

Blackie and I would ride for hours and the freedom was something we both loved and shared, I didn’t tighten the cinch strap tight enough one day and when we were in a full gallop the saddle slid to his side and  he drug me for a bit while he came to a complete halt. He knew I was hurt and I could see in his eyes he wanted to help me but didn’t know how, I was able to get my boots out of the stirrups and I just laid there as he stood next to me and sniffed me. He was my best friend and my secret confidant but then my mother had to have a built in pool to show off to her friends and I came home one day and he was gone.

I refused to have another pet for many years because those to experiences scarred me for life but then I had children and they wanted pets. We have had a cat, rabbit, guinea pig, dogs and a husband – all are gone except the dogs and the cat and I have to get rid of my shepherds which is just about killing me. I get to attached and have a terrible time letting go of animals or people I love, I am a person that loves deep and takes very good care of those I love. I even bought my little Yorkies boots so their feet wouldn’t get cold in the winter when they had to go outside.

My favorite two pets have been little bit and blackie but I know I will never own another horse and probably never ride again. I don’t know that I could even pull myself up on the saddle and if I were lucky enough to, I doubt I could walk when I got off as my muscles are not as flexible as they used to be by any stretch of the imagination. My pets I could always trust unconditionally as they never told my fears, hopes, wishes, secrets or told of my tears. They loved me for me and didn’t expect me to change, they lie with me at nigh and comfort me in my loneliness and they make me feel loved like I have never felt before.

I wish I lived on a farm with horses, chickens and other animals and I could wake up looking at fields of green in anticipation of riding until night fall but wishes do not make things happen and dreams are just away to escape from the pain of daily life. I am not one of those people who get lucky in this world, I do not play the lotto as I never win and when something goes right for a change I thank God for it happens so rarely.

Always show your pet love and take care of them as they are your true and best friend and they will never use you or hurt you. 

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