Why do we complain on how unhappy we are but do nothing about it? Why do we complain about our spouse but stay in the relationship? Why do we want to change our job but do nothing about it? I have learned that doing nothing keeps us in the same place that we are complaining about and want to escape. There isn’t a magic pill that will change our lives, only we can but it takes a lot to walk away from what is familiar and safe.

I have never had familiar or safe so it was easy for me to leave my husband but then when I found out he was ill, the maternal side kicked back in and I felt responsible for him as I was the only alive that knew his health issues. I never regretted leaving him, no I did not in fact I could finally breathe and enjoyed being away from him and his neediness. If I never hear “I need a helping hand” again that would be great as he couldn’t do a damn thing without “having a helping hand” and he always needed the pat on the back. I am not good at constantly building someone up but I do let them know when they have done some awesome or have fucked up big time.

It’s important to be honest in any relationship and if someone gets hurt feelings, well get the fuck over it because that person cares enough to tell you the truth instead of letting you go out in public and be embarrassed. I remember telling my husband that I didn’t like my weight gain and I was going to lose it, he didn’t encourage me-no in fact he tried to stop me from working out everyday-that is a loser that does that crap. I never said a word to him about being a lousy kisser or lousy lay but it is true satisfaction never came from him and I couldn’t stand kissing him as he never went the dentist and that grossed me out.

Everyone liked him as he was an actor and never showed the true him to anyone, he was a fake and a phony and yes he made good money but so what? He couldn’t hold a conversation about anything but his work which was boring as hell and he didn’t know shit about mechanical stuff so how he became a general foreman I will never know. He didn’t know a damn thing about world events, he never liked me listening to music or dancing, all he did was romance the fucking lawn. He told me not to fertilize it as I would burn up the yard. The asshole had forgotten that I had turned a weed yard into a beautiful bed of green grass at our rv. I do not miss him and now I am free to find my own happiness and that is top priority. 

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