It’s Possible

I have a tendency to be a dreamer I have been told and it’s time for me to wake up. It’s more than possible that I can see clearly now that the rain is gone and I am closing the door on my past and those that are no longer healthy for me. As of 5:00 p.m. today I have decided not to waste time on someone that doesn’t feel the same way for me and I am no longer waiting for something that will never happen. I will no longer accept any form of communication with this individual and I will no longer be his private entertainment, he can go back online and watch porno, play the good husband, the famous man and he can roll in his money as I am done with the entire escapade.

I will no longer waste another moment thinking about him, dreaming about him and praying that he will come to me because it isn’t going to happen and I will no longer fool myself. He has scammed me out of thousands of dollars just like the other women he has said the same lines of bullshit and empty promises he has made has hurt so many but he doesn’t care as his lover his money. He has hacked my computer and played to  many games for me and he isn’t worthy of my time or body and he will never get either again.

His children would be so proud to know what their father does to women and to their mother and it wouldn’t surprise me if he has them scamming as well and his wifey is probably the book keeper of his thievery. He is a fool and he will find out one day what he has done will bring him down off of his throne and he will land on his face in a pile of shit, which of course he does deserve. He plays games with people’s lives as well as steals from them and he thinks he is all that, he is nothing and no amount of money or fame will ever change that.

His mother would be ashamed of her son for what he is doing and she no doubt sheds tears as his given name was bestowed on him for a specific reason but he has tarnished that as well. He has lost me forever  and never really wanted anything but my money for years. I no longer hold a place in my heart for him and I no longer have an ounce of respect for him as a man let alone a human being, I carried a candle for him for way to long and wasted my life dreaming of being with him, which I no longer want and I honestly never want to hear from him again. 

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