Women, your man will fuck another woman if you don’t keep your sex life exciting and that is a given, there is no man who will not fuck another woman if his wife won’t fuck him and I guarantee it. Instead of him fucking someone else, why not bring in a third-party to spice up your sex life and keep your man at home? spontaneity is the key and an open mind is so important as are the use of sex toys and getting a bit kinky.

A woman who won’t at least try new sexual acts is a woman who is going to see her husband fuck another I know a man who has fucked more women than there are fans at a final soccer match and believe me when I say he has fucked himself silly as he truly has. It is not a secret to his wife and they both know it but hey ya gotta please your man and that is that, after a woman has children she is no longer  “tight” and that takes away the pleasure for a man. Men like that tight feeling as it makes their cock get stimulated and they enjoy the sex more, so women at least try to please your man by putting your ass in the air and trying a little play time in that area.

The man I speak of I may never meet but if I do and we have a relationship he no doubt will want to fuck another eventually which will not fly with me. I prefer to keep our sex life exciting and fresh and whatever we both want to try we will do as you never know what you might actually enjoy unless you try it. I do not know why women have so many sexual hang ups but being sexually free would reduce the divorce rate tremendously.

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