Let Me

What happened to our dreams or were they just mine? What happened to our love or was it just mine? What happened to your caring or was it just me doing all the caring? How can you leave me to sit alone night after night and wonder if you are alright? How can you call once in a blue moon and think that makes me feel better for the rest of the time until I hear from you again? Have I been nothing but a fool for you, someone that kept you from boredom and filled your hours with amusement?

Do you not know that I love you, really love you and not the person everyone else sees and wants a part of? Do you not know that your happiness is important to me as well as your peace of mind? Do you think I care a bit about fame and fortune because if you do then I have the wrong man because I honestly believed you knew me better then that and the things important to me cannot be bought. There isn’t a yacht big enough to sail us away into happiness and there isn’t a fancy car fast enough to drive us away to a quiet place.

I just wanted to love you that is all but I don’t think you want my love but instead a variety of women that you will never remember when you are sick and dying. I want to nurse your wounds, fill your heart with love, kiss your tears away and be by your side when you begin to fall so I can catch you. I want to tell you that you are an ass when you need to hear it the most and tell you how wonderful you are when you hear it the least. I want to see you smile and hear your laughter, I want to see your eyes twinkle and watch you when you sleep.

I want to wake up next to you every morning and be next to you every night, I want to feed you ice cream from a spoon when your throat is sore and put a damp cool cloth on your forehead when you have a fever. These things I want to do for you and you only because I care and I love you even though you may think I am a fool to want these things, I just want to be with you-the man that was once just a young boy who was nobody and had just enough to make him happy. Please let me be the one that gives you true love from the heart, that is all I ask or is that asking to much?