Most of All

I like puppies and puppy’s breathe as they are playful and their breathe is simple

I like thunderstorms and lieing in bed because it’s soothing

I like water because it’s my element

I like walking naked because I hate being clothed

I like men because they are interesting

I like babies because they are innocent

I like walking in the mist holding hands because it’s simply delightful

I like chinese food because I just do

I like all races because everyone is a teacher to me

I like traveling because I am always learning

I like discovering because that is why we are here

I like wearing sundresses with no panties or bra because it is a feeling of freedom

I like camping because I like nature

I like animals because they are God’s gift to us

I like riding a motorcycle because I like the feeling of the wind

I like simple pleasures because I get the greatest of pleasure from them

I like music because it moves me

I like being in love because it makes me happy

I like clean sheets because they feel so good

I like being married because I have one person I can share my life with

I like making love because two people are one

I like bbq because it tastes so damn good

I like fruits and veggies because I just do

I like joking because it’s fun

I like to give gifts because it makes others smile

I like being organized because I lose everything

I like the male body because I think it’s beautiful

I like long hair on men because I find it sexy

I like romance because there is chemistry that comes out

I like a good movie because I like arts

I like horseback riding because I like horses and the freedom

I like freedom because I can be me

I like the sky because it’s beautiful

I like to please other’s because it makes them happy

But most of all

Most of all I LOVE YOU! 

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