They Call Me The Fool

I have lowered myself to begging you to come to me but I’m through with that crap as I remember you fishing so much money from me and even trying to get me to buy you a new car.

I have sent you gifts and you have sent me nothing, so yes I am finally through with you and your friends that have played me for so long. I loved you but that appears to mean nothing to you.

It’s fine as I will always survive and don’t need you anyway and I will make decisions that are best for me and no longer “us”. I don’t know you and never will and let myself dream about an awesome relationship with you.

They call me the fool.

I have gotten my head out of the clouds and out of your ass so you will no longer have a wonderful woman and I am sure you have plenty of women to choose from and have several relationships, probably in one now.

I am letting you go out to sea because I have landed and I am not surprised you  wanted to be with me when you thought I was going to keep all the money my dad’s money.

I gave it all away because of you, I had to know if there was anything between us or if it was the money, and yes it was the money. I foolishly gave it away so fast just thinking about the kids and not myself.

I didn’t take care of any of my financial obligations but guaranteed my children’s education instead. You see I am in debt a tidy sum but as usual Kimberly will clear that mess up and be financially squared away in time.

It’s a shame I have wasted my time on someone who has no respect for me but I can no longer turn a blind eye to the obvious, I am a big girl and will always forge ahead moving mountains as I have done forever it appears.

I’m not angry, as you are not worth my anger and I hold nothing against you and never will including my body. I will be disappearing into the night and poof  I will be gone completely out of your life.

You will never see me or hear from me so you have no worries there, be good to yourself and take care of yourself is all I can say. Maybe one day, you will find another woman like me or maybe you already have and I hope you are happy.

They can no longer call me the fool.

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