With Johnny

As you sit there and read this I hope you realize I know you are reading this and have everything I have written here as well as erotic fantasy life, I am quite aware that you have your nose clear up my ass following every move I make and you attempt to trip me up with contacting me and having others contact me. What is it you really want to know? Am I “cheating” on you, lol am I seeing someone? Am I on dating sites again, well you know that one for sure now don’t you?

You love beef and I am one huge beef cake waiting for you to take a bite you damn fool and I am real, maybe to real for you to believe such a person exists, someone that really loves you for yourself you asshole. You always are thinking of me and me you yet we have never been together and I fear for your life if we were, I truly do as I could hurt you in a good way leaving you unable to walk for many hours and make you sleep for days because I will knock your ass out!

I don’t think it is possible for you to absorb all the love I have to give to one man, no I do not because I am literally over flowing with love for your sorry ass. You need to be whipped into shape because you are all fucked up, I think almost as bad as I am but I am working on myself as you already know. When you get it together and are strong enough to come to me you will find me to be all that I claim to be and no I am not all knowing but no enough to run circles around you my boy.

I am so much more than I write and I am a beautiful person inside I really am and you already know that but like to lash out because I hurt your feelings, well hell come to mama and I will breast feed you, will that make you feel better? You may be all man but that little boy keeps popping out and showing his face and I adore him, yes I do and don’t ever lose him because he is as cute as your ass he is and he keeps me giggling all the fucking time.

Hey, if you don’t want to be with me fine but I know different and have for so long but if you are involved with someone else so be it and be happy is all I want for you. I want you to be thrilled to be with whom ever you are with and I don’t want you to settle for someone because it may feel right. I would hope you were two hundred percent sure before you committed your life to someone and that includes any woman because committment requires so much as you know and you were committed for only so long in your marriage.

So shut the fuck up and come to me so I can molest you properly or get the fuck out of my backyard and off my swing set so I can share it with johnny or who the fuck ever, got that? 

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