The Naughty Me

He makes me so naughty and think naughty thoughts and do naughty things to my body. He makes me want him all of him and he makes me love him so. I want to be with him always and to make him happy and share myself with him. I want to feel what he feels, understand what he doesn’t understand and help him when he needs help. No I just don’t want his body I want to be his best friend, his lover and  occasional mentor and I want him to teach me as I will teach him.

We are one and we are power and strength, we are wisdom and love, we are the universe in good and we care for the world, we help others and share our minds with others, we want to make this world a better place and we are goodness even though we have done bad things. We are knowledge, we are not infinte wisdom but we are wise and we are one. Let us show others what we have learned and we can change so many things for the better as we are pure love, yes we are.

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