At Least For Now

I have reached the point in my life that I have accepted who I am and do not foresee myself in any other light. I am who I am and it doesn’t get any better than that as I accept exactly who I am and where I am in life. I will never be rich and I surely will never be famous as I have never wanted to be, rich at one time yes I wanted to be rich but don’t we all? I have since learned that money buys pain not happiness and I have had my share of pain believe me.

The one thing I know for sure is I am a good person with a good heart and I care for others more than I care for myself, which is not a good thing but I cannot help myself. I have so much empathy that I can actually feel others pain and I have to distance myself from some people as it is actually to painful for me. I know I sound like some wacko but that is fine because I care not what others think and never will. I am a nomad, a seeker of truth and knowledge, I am a drifter, drifting through life and grabbing what happiness I can, I am love, love in the purest of form and I am the light that lights the sky in the darkest of hours.

I chose to lift people up and when I am hurt I do tear them down which is wrong of me and I do not like that part of me and am working on that. I am a painting, a painting in progress and hopefully one day I will be a masterpiece hanging for all to see. I do not think I am “all that” but I do know God has sent me here for a purpose and I try so damn hard to make him proud of me. I have faults, quite a few but I prefer to focus on my good points at least for now.

I am a lover of the earth and sea

and I am the fish that swims free,

I am the soil that one must toil and

I am the air that one must breathe

I am the flower that blooms in the spring and

I am the bumble be that has been set free,

I am the smile on your face and

I am the one that will never bring you digrace,

I am the eyes that see what is before me and

I am the lips that kiss and wish you to be free 

Let go of pain

Let go of your grief

Put all of your energies

In your beliefs 

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