Fantastic Evening LololOL

When all else fails hell laugh at yourself, yes just sit down put your hand on your forehead, shake your head back and fourth and just fucking laugh at yourself. That is exactly what I am doing as I just tripped over the vacuum cord. Sometimes I do stupid shit and shut have to laugh at myself like I am now and wondering what the fuck is wrong with me. I posted some pics that I shouldn’t have but the tequilla started talking to damn loud and made me do it.

Of course the next day I realized what I had done and removed them and I sat down and just laughed because sometimes you just have to accept the fact you do dumb shit and it’s ok to do dumb shit once in awhile and laughing at yourself is good as it makes you accept the fact that you are fallible and you are human. I am the most human person I know and I laugh at that as well because I like to laugh and laughter breaks away from the mundane and everyday bullshit.

I am the queen of dumb shit and proud of it and laughing at myself is fun, because I am so damn stupid sometimes that I can’t help but laugh at myself. I can do so many dumb things that I actually sit down and laugh so hard I cry. That is the best kind of laughter, the kind that brings the tears and makes the stomach hurt, we do not laugh at ourselves enough and take ourselves way to serious and that is such a shame. Sometimes I like to get drunk and that is when I do some really dumb shit.

I got drunk one time at my rv and the next morning my panties were hanging in a tree, do not ask me how they got there as I do not remember but I had a great time and I do remember that. I woke up on the bathroom floor naked and cold so it must of been a fantastic evening, lol. 

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