Not So Easy To Obtain

It’s going to be another embarrassing garbage day as Janet and I have gone threw so much shit it isn’t funny. I had to buy three ply garbage bags as the trash cans are over flowing and the other trash bags are not strong enough without tearing, lol. It seems like the more I through away the better I feel, free and lighter and I like it, I like it  a lot and it’s about time that I feel nothing when I look at all Bob’s shit and other paperwork.

I pitch it without thinking twice now which is so great for me and I want to remarry and I want to be a wife again. I want to marry the man I love and I am almost to the point of being ready for a new, healthy relationship but there is still work to do around the house and on myself. Believe me if he wanted to get married I surely wouldn’t say no but I would want us to spend time together for awhile before making such a committment.

I have to be sure that we “work” and that the kids are ok with it and feel that it would be good for all of them as well. When you have children and you remarry, it is not just the two of you but the kids as well as the point is to build family not people living separate lives under one roof. I want the traditional life and I want to take care of my family and home and I want love again, love for everyone and our home to be filled with love and laugher.

I am not asking to much, no in fact I am asking so very little but the so very little is not so easy to obtain. 

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