If It Weren’t For Them

So many people are fortunate enough to have happy and healthy children but there is one out of every eighty eight children born with autism. This is not an easy to deal with disability and requires much patience and love as the child has different expectations than the “normal” child. Children with autism need predictability, they require a patterned lifestyle and change is difficult for them unless they are prepared appropriately.

Children with autism are not freaks of nature and they are not unlovable, quite the contrary as they require much understanding and committment to live a life of happiness and fulfillment. Many parents tend to get overwhelmed with their child and do not bother to learn and keep learning about the disability. Autism is one of those disabilities that much study is being done on and everyday is a new day with new research and findings.

The parent that accepts what information they are given and doesn’t do more research is robbing themselves and their child a chance to development and grow. Friends will get disappointed when you cannot make the plans that were previously arranged do to your child needing security as they may be fearful of something all of a sudden, friends tend to not have a clue or understand the pain you feel or your child may feel.

Children are very mean and it is difficult to find children that will be kind and understanding. The autistic child is locked in their own world and do not have the same social skills as other children, this is not to say they are not sociable as they are in their own way. Many autistic children do not like to be cuddled or held, loud noises upset them and eye contact is not forth coming. The child may have tics and most do as well as obsessions.

The single parent has quite a challenge where dating is involved as so many pretend to love you as well as your child and this is all bullshit. It is difficult to have an autistic child but even more difficult for someone with “normal” children or no children at all to understand  what is required to keep the relationship together. The truly interested person will ask questions and do their own research to learn as much as they can about the disability.

The new party of interest must except the fact that at any moment the child may be in need and that could throw a wrench in plans and if the interested party really cares they will be understanding  and let the parent do what is needed to soothe their child. Single moms have an easier time than single dads as men are generally not responsible for their children’s healthcare and mom’s tend to know much more then men and the dating mom can tell immediately when she introduced the new man to her child as men exhibit emotions so rarely that true feelings come out with the child, generally.

The single dad has a much more difficult time as women play the game and are not sincere, they will talk to your child as if he were a baby, as if he was stupid and needed to be talked to slowly as if he were not able to understand. The single father is in need of love and sex and tend to fall for what they think is the “right woman” for them as they get involved with the good times and laughter they tend not to see the real person.

The average single father is so easy to play and women know exactly how to play them and the father with a disabled child is so much more vulnerable and even easier to play and take advantage of as he tends to fall quickly for the games women play with his child unknowing that they are playing a game. Women will use their knowledge with children to play the father as a father wants his new woman to except his child.

Women will pretend to be understanding and giving when in fact all they want is that ring on their finger and the child sent away as the child consumes to much time of the father. Women must be watched carefully for they can cause so much damage to the child that will never be forgotten. The autistic child is not stupid in fact for from it but they cannot tell their father what they are feeling and cannot express their emotions regarding the new woman in the house.

I do not have an autistic child but do have friends that are dealing with autism and I have watched them divorce because of the mother’s committment to her child and the frustration and anger it has caused. I am a trusted friend and I am able to spend time with this little boy because he trusts me as I have known him since the day he was born. My girlfriend trusts me with her son because I have watched him develop differently than other children and I have taken the time to do my own research.

I love this child as if he were my own and unfortunately she is relocating because of her job and I am so worried that she will have a difficult time finding someone to take care of my little buddy while she is at work or traveling. I have been so fortunate to have these people in my life as they have taught me so much about real love and committment and I have learned patience and understanding in areas of life that I never would have learned if it weren’t for them. 

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