Nobody’s Fool

I am so pissed at myself for letting him used me for so long, I have a box of shit I was going to send him but no longer and I want it the fuck out just like I want him the fuck out of my life for good. I have said that so many times but I am finally strong enough to go through with it as I mean nothing to him but a fucking meal ticket. I have my eyes wide open and I finally see where I fit in his life and sorry that just won’t do for me.

I need a man a real man not some fucking user and liar that takes and never gives anything but false lip service. It says a lot about me to let him keep fucking me over like this but I have realized that I am worth more than being used, I am a beautiful person that one day will find the right person for me that will love me and want to be with me and build a life together as this is not what he wants at all he is just taking what he can get.

I will waste not another dime on calling him nor will I waste my time thinking about him as I have finally accepted the truth and I am going to just keep focusing on me and my life. He can fuck her all he wants I do not give a fuck any longer as you can love someone to much and that person can crush your feelings and turn them to hate or indifference and I prefer indifference as hate will consume me and I refuse to go that route again.

I like me and I like me a lot and that is were the strength comes from, the heart when you like yourself you can walk away from non productive situations and people that are negative in your life. I have filed him under negative and that is where he will stay as he has become parasitic over the years and I will no longer supply his fix. I will no longer be there to be used and lied to and I am nobody’s fool any longer. 

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