Put That In Your Pipe

So do you feel accomplished finally? I am out of your life for good this time because I like myself and who I am and that is the first step of deleting you. I have had low self esteem for years and you have taken advantage of that and I know you never loved me and using the marriage line, well hell I didn’t think you would ever stoop that low but you did and it didn’t make a difference because I never believed you anyway.

I’m a dreamer that knows her dreams never come true and that includes dreaming about you and I, it was a nice fantasy that got me through some very difficult times but I am through them now and no longer need to depend on crumbs from you to get through each day. Are you happy with her and does she really make you feel good about yourself? If she does then you are lucky and good for you but you really have lost the best person you could of had in your life.

You think I don’t know all the adds on my fb are you and your scamming buddies? Do you actually think I am that fucking stupid? Do you think I have been buying your bullshit about typhoid? Did you actually think I would send money to you to fly home and let you spend it on her and lie to me why you couldn’t come? Come on really, I have chosen to ignore the signs of being used by you because I had been so beaten down and lost faith in myself.

I am not a loser or user but you continue to be one and I hope you can live with what you have done and what you keep doing. I shall not shed a single tear over you because you cannot hurt me as I know the truth of love and you never loved me and never will as I will always be nothing but a fish to you. I could say some very mean and hateful things but what would be the point? You do not have a heart so the words wouldn’t hurt you anyway.

I do hope you are very happy with her and have found the one that will be there when you are old and grey and I pray for you that you find your way in this life and stop using people because karma is going to get you sooner or later and it will turn on you like a pissed off cobra. I am truly sorry for you because you need help serious help and I thought I was the sick one but I can see you are sick as well but in a different way.

I will move on and yes I will find someone to love me in time and I am in no hurry because I am doing quite fine where I am at this moment and will continue to do fine because I do not have a care in the world and I feel nothing for you at this point, absolutely nothing as if my feelings are completely dead. I am sure that makes you happy and is what you have wanted for me all along, not to love you but to let someone else love me because you are a piece of shit and you know you have done nothing but hurt me and will continue if I allow it which I won’t.

This is the final curtain and yes it has dropped for the last time and you will no longer see me or hear from me because Kimberly likes herself finally and doesn’t need you. So how does it feel? Do you feel like a man? Are you finally happy for me? Don’t concern yourself with my life any longer as you will never see another penny from me nor will you be allowed to hurt me any longer so Mr. Fucking Wonderful put that in your pipe and smoke it. What a man you are, lol yep what a man indeed…….

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