Help Is Right Here

I’m so glad I got Ry into see the Dr. as I knew something wasn’t right with his meds and sure enough the Dr. changed his meds. I am so glad that God has given me the gift to understand medical shit and signs that are not obvious to most. I am no medical guru but I am very observant when it comes to side effects of meds. Those that I care about I pay much attention to their behavior and the way their mood is as medication can affect both.

My son wants to come home so bad and we will see what happens in court, I have court tomorrow for the felony and we will see what happens as I expect the prosecutor to want to try the case which is fine with me as I will win by a jury vote. I did nothing wrong but the damn police think they know every damn thing and I still have numbness in my right thumb from the handcuffs being to tight. I just have to get past this hurdle and put it behind me and life will be totally good.

I’m not stressed at all because I have adopted meditation, and yes it helps a hell of a lot. Meditation can help with pain, stress, anger and so many other emotions as you focus on breathing and letting go of thoughts that cause such distress. I wish the man I love would look into acupuncture as well as meditation because I do believe both of them would help him tremendously, I am a huge supporter of holistic medicine and eating healthy.

We are what we eat is so true and medications are made by man and man wants money so who knows what shit is in medication and that is why I lean towards holistic meds. So many people are down on smoking weed but let me tell you it helps so much as it relaxes you and being tense is the first thing you do when you feel pain, you tense up, which increases the pain. I haven’t smoked in several months and now I am taking pain pills which I do not like.

I’m just so damn happy that Dr. J. changed my sons medication and she wants to see him in two weeks which is so fucking great as she cares and she isn’t just pushing meds, Ry is seeing a therapist as well which is good for him and I am so happy he has such a great therapist and psychiatrist. A good Dr. is so important and it is really hard to find one that is dedicated to helping the patient but both therapist and Dr. are really committed to their chosen profession.

I hope the man I care for can realize that his lies have caught up with him as one minute he said he was black then he admitted he was white and now he says he is black again. I know he is white and I cannot help him see that his lies are hurting him more than they are hurting me. He must step up and be a man and either be with me or against me and right now it appears he is against me and that doesn’t seem to be in the changing stage unfortunately.

I could change that man’s life for the better and starting with his health would be my number one mission. As long as he wants to hide his fibromylasia and his borderline personality disorder than we can go no where and I accept him just as he is and I could relieve so much of the problems he has but he doesn’t have faith in me as a person let alone someone who will do whatever it takes to relieve his pain, emotionally or physically.

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