Let Me Care For You

I get it now, you have fibromylasia and a personality disorder so you want me to put on my running shoes?Well, fuck you I am not going anywhere and you cannot get rid of me that easily because you have some issues. I have issues and everyone in the world has issues that doesn’t mean you turn and chase bait when things get tough, no you do not turn your back on the one you love because of health problems. I never turned my back on Bob and I sure as hell will not turn my back on you.

Are you embarrassed because of your health issues? Don’t be as there is nothing to be embarrassed about and I know the difficulty of health issues and it’s just part of life. I need you to work with me so I can help  you anyway possible, I do not need you to run and hide your head in the sand and say poor me. My love for you is stronger than any illness and I will climb mountains to find out all I can that will help you, don’t you know that?

No, I am not just saying this to make you feel better as I will not blow smoke up your ass and I would hope you know that by now. I am your support system on a personal level and I will love you no matter what, so don’t even try to push me away because I am cemented in place. Come to me and let me love you babe, let me put a smile on your face and let me make you feel whole if only for a  minute. Do not walk away from me and hide, please do not do that.

Let us build a life together a support system for each other, let us enjoy life and smile, let us love each other and be thankful each and everyday for each other. Let us give each other what we so desperately need and let us be fucking happy for once. Please come to me as I am begging you to let me in your world and care for you and share with you what little I may have, open your heart to me and let me fill it with love and caring. 

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