Shelter You From The Storm

Love is so controlling and makes us do things we know we should not do, love can turn into the blood that runs through our bodies and gives us life, love is exciting and makes one feel so damn good that it can become a drug to some. I love someone but have no idea if they really love me or not and this is confusing for me as he never shows his real self and I do not care what health issues he has as I would gladly take care of him because that is part of loving someone.

Love is more than a word and it is more than actions, when two people are really in love they have a bond that us unbreakable and it gets stronger with time. You can read each other’s thoughts and you just know things about each other that is not common knowledge to others. I wish he had enough desire to be with me that he would come to me and let me be his friend first and then his lover, not the other way around.

Sex is great, in fact sex is fantastic with the right person but sex should never be the basis of a relationship as two people can have great sex but not a great relationship. A great relationship with lousy sex doesn’t work either but I believe with all my heart that we would have both, a great relationship and sex life. I want to watch this man climb the bean stalk again and he will, all in good time and when God decides this man is ready.

I know I have sounded conceited when I say he will never find another woman like me, he may find a woman who is very close but never the same as each and everyone of us are unique in our own way. The only thing this man is missing in his life is true love, someone who truly does want the best for him and truly loves him like I do. I do so hope he can have enough strength to make himself come to me and let me show him the type of relationship he has wanted his entire life.

He will find someone who puts him first and is always concerned about his health and welfare, someone who knows what he is capable of even when he doesn’t think so, someone who will tell him he can do it when he says he cannot and loses hope, someone that wants his happiness and to love him exactly the way he is. Someone that has no desire to change him or rearrange his life what so ever and someone who wants to hold him when he is overwhelmed and needs to “hide” just for a while. Let me be there for you my love and let me shelter you from the storm.

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