Tell The World

I see your videos from years ago posted, why in the hell haven’t you written a biography? Made a movie of your life? So many people adore you and want to know everything about your life and if you opened up and let the world know about your illnesses you would be a fucking hero again. People would look at you completely different, in a good way not condemning and you could capitalize on this but in a very good way that would help so many people.

You have done so much with your life and you have overcome the obstacles that most wouldn’t even try to overcome and you could be such an inspiration to the world. I wonder if you retired because of the fibromylasia, have you had it that long or longer and ignored it as long as you could? Do you think having a mental and physical illness you should hide it from the world so you feel safe and secure in your bubble?

You are a fucking hero man, so many love you to this day and you could be such an inspiration to so many and I so wish you would look at these illnesses in a different light. You can bring so much attention to these illnesses and that would so help so many, don’t you see that? I am sure God does not want you to suffer in silence as he never does want anyone to suffer in silence and not all of us are given such a great ability that you have and can shake and wake up the world with our fame.

I love ya babe no matter what you do but you could help so many by sharing your story with the world. It is up to you and it is your story but your story is full encompassing as it has affected your family as well and how have they dealt with it? Do your children know about your illnesses? All of them? If you have not told them you need to so they do not suffer themselves in time if they get the illnesses and if you have a child or children with disabilities all I can say is love him, love him with every ounce of love you have.

I hope I am not appearing to be pushy because I do not want to appear that way at all, I just see a hell of a man with so much to offer the world and make so many people except what their lives are like with the illnesses, you could show people who you can live even with illnesses and no life isn’t easy but it still can be rewarding. You, my love make my life rewarding every day even though you are not here you make me feel loved, even if you don’t love me.

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