Up To U

Ok, this is the last time I extent an invitation to you, if you want to come visit I will pay for your airfare if you don’t then I will send a plane to crash on your ass, it’s up to you. Do you think I do not know it’s you reading my posts in France, Nigeria, Malaysia, U.S. and every other place? Do you think I am so stupid as not to know you are a computer guru? Well get your guru ass here and fix my Mac why don’t you and fix a few other things while you’re here.

Hey I do not expect you to come here for free so I have offered to fly you here for your services rendered and I am not talking about sex, ok? If I want sex believe me I will just take it and you wont have a thing to say about it, got that? I take what I want when I want it and at my leisure, so I guess you will just have to give up control for awhile, which I am sure you won’t mind a bit. If you want to get married lets just do it and if you don’t that’s fine as well, at least I could have you covered under some good health care if you don’t have it already.

Stop with the fucking games already or just leave me be what more can I say?

Do Tell

Ok, I know you read everything I write, did you enjoy my last post? Get a good laugh out of it? How many times will you go back to erotic fantasy life and reread those posts? Tired of jacking off yet? Since you shaved, I guess you don’t have to deal with a harry palm now do you, and speaking of palms have you finally learned to switch hands and gain a stroke? So what’s up with the “I prefer to admire you from afar? bullshit? Why are you so anonymous, so into hiding? So you are a fucking wacko that has difficulty lifting his arms, no problemo as I am the queen of wackos and you don’t need to lift your arms over your head because I will just sit on your face, how is that for a kind hearted nutwad?

You are so fucking stuborn and don’t listen to anyone but listen here buddy, you have got to start getting more rest as your body requires it and I do not want to have to come to the Mona Lisa and kick your tight ass, you hear me? I’m sure those french women have kept you happy to some point but pussy is pussy may it be nigi, malaysian, american, french, german or whatever. A fuck is a fuck and you know that and if you think you are in love with someone in France, think again because if you were you sure the hell wouldn’t read and reread every word I write.

The Great Gabriel Batistuta, the one all the women want to be with, the man of the hour, the man with the power-this is all bullshit as you are none of those, you are man who is lonely as hell and sad and you are a man that no longer knows who he really is as he can no longer kick a fucking soccer ball to make hatrix look like child’s play. Your life as you knew it is over and now it is time to open yourself up to new adventures and explore another part of yourself. So go ahead and hate me as if I am scared, what ya going to do? Fly here and slap me? Not likely, lol so call me a bitch that doesn’t know shit about you and doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Go ahead, throw the can of shaving cream at the bathroom mirror, throw your shoes across the room, call me a fucking cunt and slam the door. Feel better now? Now that you are done acting out your aggression, try breathing, in through your nose and slowly out of your mouth with your eyes closed, do this three times and slowly open your eyes. Do you feel better? More in control? More focused? If not fuck it grab a case of beer and get drunk maybe that will help you let go of how pissed you are.

Now smile, yes smile a big smile and laugh because sometimes I can just push your buttons like an elevator and that really pissed you off doesn’t it? Sometimes, you just have to laugh at yourself and how ridiculous you can get and say wtf? I’m losing it because of something someone I don’t even know said. Hey if you don’t want to feel sorry for yourself feel sorry for me, all the way between my legs and give me some fucking relief already. I don’t need or want your pity but I could definitely use your tongue and cock for awhile, if you don’t mind.

Come on let go ease up and just laugh as laughter is good for the soul and since you don’t know when to shut the fuck up I guess I have no choice but to tell you to go fuck yourself after you fuck me first of course. When you finally get your head out of your ass and are no longer to shy to chat with me, you know where to find me and if that time never comes, it never comes but I am no longer a dreamer with my head in the clouds, hell no I have it so far up your ass so I can figure out what is going on in that brain of yours. mwaaahhhhhh……….


I am finally making a move with my wordpress blog, I just signed up with ipage and will have it online for all to read, I will be adding a store to the site and figure I might as well make some money from my work. I do not think I am that great of a writer but I write to arouse the mind as well as the body and who knows, maybe I will at phone sex lol. I have the right voice and I know exactly what to say to arouse a man so why not, what the hell I can always use the cash, can live anywhere in the world and be anonymous.

I’m watching Sleepless In Seattle and it kind of reminds me of my life except I’m not going to be meeting anyone, especially at the Empire State Building and as far as the orgasm scene, well I have her beat hands down as she is way to loud and way over the top. It’s a movie so what should anyone expect? I like movies that make me think, movies that I have to figure out what is going to happen next but the problem is I can usually figure them out to quickly and there is no excitement left. The one movie I absolutely love is The Thomas Crown Affair because you have to really pay attention or you miss so much and Pierce Bronson is so damn hot and so amusing he keeps me on my toes. 

Pierce is the type of man that really grabs my attention as he is everything I want in a man, he dresses so great and he is so daring and exciting, intense, sexy, intelligent, handsome and totally unpredictable, now that is hot. I would be blown away if someone invited me to lunch and flew my ass to another country where he had a house up on the top of a mountain and no one else around and made me the most awesome dinner of lobster. Now that would be fun and exciting as hell, ya I know I am a dreamer and that’s never going to happen but hell it’s cool to me.

Damn I wish Gabriel would write a book and I have no doubt it would turn into a movie and if he has any acting skills he could play himself, now that would be the shits for sure. I really believe he has potential as a writer with a bit of help and he could no doubt be an actor as it’s in his blood. The arts is in his blood and he has so many talents that he hasn’t even tapped yet because he is so wrapped up in the one thing he knows, soccer. He has limited himself and that is such a shame as he is so much more then a soccer player.

He is no doubt involved with someone who is skinny, pretty, long black hair and sucks up to him, whatever you want dear, yes dear, you want me to eat shit dear? Sure no problem would you like me to use a spoon or fork dear? Women like that make me so fucking sick because they are so fake and only want one thing, a husband. Men do not like ass kissing but so many women think they do and that will keep them around with a half way decent blow job and fuck. He no doubt has fucked her in an elevator after reading my erotic fantasy life blog.

He is highly sexed but has no clue what he really wants sexually in a woman, I mean mentally not physically and he wants to be with two women so bad he fantasies about it constantly, more then the average man. He reads what I write and he gets so turned on he jacks off with his eyes closed visualizing himself with two women. He likes to watch two women together and then they come to him and this is so hot it makes him crazy, I know what men like what they really like and I am not one just to write about it but want to experience it as well and I will one day.

To bad he sees me as nothing more than someone who writes erotic stories that turn him on and he spends time with women that he is afraid to approach with such ideas that he reads about. Life is to damn short not to go for the gusto, not to try everything you ever wanted to do and not to push yourself past your normal limits. Life is to live while we can because wheel chairs are parked just around the corner and it won’t be long before we no longer can fly but must sit perched and watch life from the sidelines.