Travel On

I have decided to stay home and travel to Vermont, Connecticut, Maine up that way as I have always wanted to go there and I think it would be such a nice trip.I can’t wait to eat fresh sea food and just relax and enjoy nature at it’s best.


My Relationship

The type of relationship I want is one that makes me a better person, another that wants to grow together and grow old together but never grow all the up. I want to always have fun and to be silly and carefree, I want to encourage and be encouraged, I want to hold hands and watch sunsets and rainbows. I want laughter and freedom and sensual and sexual, I want love and smiles, hugs and kisses.

I wanted that with you Is this asking to much?

Don’t Bother

To read my posts because you have made it painfully clear there is no place in your life for me so why read what I write? Because you get your ideas from what I write? I validate some of your feelings and fears? Well fuck you, you don’t want me believe me I no longer wait, stay out of my fucking life for good and don’t fuck with me on the sites, asshole.

Stupid Fuck

You’re a real asshole you know that? You talk to me on fb all the time under a million different names so I got a great laugh out of you last week when I pretended to be a guy. Your stupid ass fell for it hook line and sinker, who’s the fish now?

There isn’t anyone and never has been so rest assured I am not seeing anyone and if I were why would you care?

Talking About

You need to read my posts then read your posts and you will notice your posts are a mirror image of mine. So what’s that about anyhow? You may not have thought we connected but you sure are wrong, just reread and you will see what I am talking about.

You Asshole

Don’t thank me for a thing and do not bother using me for your lame as excuses, fuck you and fuck AB and I hope you two are real happy together. You hide like a fucking maggot in a sandwich and I don’t care if you are insulted.




Choose To See

You filled my lonely hours 

Which made me feel as if

I had powers

But the truth be told

The so called relationship

Turned to mold

You never were here for me

And yes I can finally see

I was nothing but your


A false dream of

What your heart desired

But I am no fantasy

No, I am real

I am here

Look at me

Instead of 

Your beer

You read everything

I write

As if I 

Might take flight

But I was never for you

And that you

Always knew

You never bothered

To get to know me

You only saw 

What You choose to see


I’m Doing Alright

I am referred to as Mr. T as if I no longer exist and probably one day soon AB will have replaced me completely in his mind. If that is what he wishes, maybe it will be so but the heart wants what it wants and you cannot override the feelings and emotions we feel for another.

It takes time for someone to dissipate from your life and your thoughts and I really have no one to think of and never really did. I’m good with that though and no I’m not running to suicide city because I am lonesome.

My loneliness will subside soon enough and my life will become happier than anyone elses that I  know. Hell I am almost there now and doing right fine thank you and always will as I wait for no one and no longer lay my heart on my sleeve.

I don’t need his love, I don’t need his concern or his lame ass guilt and he can just fuck the shit out of AB and find himself a nice little happy family with the three of them. Good luck is all I have to say and I still do wish you the best. Goodbye as I am putting you in an envelope and sealing it with a kiss and mailing it with no return address.

No Love

Today I have accepted the truth that there is no one that loves me out there and I have not had a virtual relationship for three years. No it has just been myself allowing myself to get caught up in a game, nothing but lies and a game.

I do not see myself waiting for anyone in vane any longer as there is no one ever coming to show me the all powerful love we all desire. I am who I am and I’m good with that but life just passes me by everyday.

I am so damn confused as I am not sure if I am dealing with one or two people but I am starting to believe it has been two people all along. No one famous sends a naked pic to someone they do not know. Not him anyway or at least I would think.


Would you like me to forget about you and move n with my life? Do you think you are to good for me and I am just not the type of woman for you? If you wanted me to move on why didn’t you just tell me or are you waiting for my loan to come through?

You want to rip me off again? Tht’s not going to work

The truth is you’re involved with AB and she is fulfilling all of your needs and there is no us and never was and never will be right? So I guess you want me to forget about you and find someone to love me, right?