People have always fascinated me and he is really fascinating as he is so damn complex he is not an easy nut to crack and figure out. His anonymity makes no sense to me what so ever as I think I know who I am dealing with and if so I have no idea why he would waste time on me.

He had his girlfriend shit all over him so why keep hanging on to me? There’s no money for him here any longer and I have nothing to offer him but myself but that doesn’t seem to interest him either but I did talk to my counselor about how me met and he scammed me and we are still talking even though no money has changed hands for a long time and won’t ever again.

I really do wonder what he wants from me as he is so in love with AB why follow me and spy on me and shit? What the sam hell do you want from me? You have made it clear you have chosen AB so have at it for a while and if you think I am so conceited as to tell you that you and I will be together, well so far you have proven me wrong so that should make you quite happy.

Hell you know where I stand with you, I would like to meet you and talk to you and teach you to become one with yourself. Why you hide? Why don’t you come to me and be an adult for a change, surprise me 

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