New Phrase

Ok, I’m feeling silly and a bit goofy and my new phrase for feeling really good is “randy”, I’m feeling randy, lol hell see how simple it is to laugh at yourself? Yepper, gotta laugh at yourself, as I am sitting here naked with that heady sexual aroma that women have.

Having sex leaves the scent of the woman on the man to allure him back for more and don’t you know that shit works! Lol, I like being silly and I’m feeling so randy that I’m a giggle, lol. It’s a blah day and I’m watching the birds at the feeder and so enjoying the quiet.

It’s 8:30 a.m. and I’m eating a hot roast beef sandwich now that tells you about my eating habits, I eat pancakes for dinner sometimes as well. I believe if you like it and you want it, fuck it eat it and that’s how I eat as I will never be stick thin and don’t want to be as I am quite happy with myself thank you.

Wouldn’t you know it, I turn on the fucking tv and the movie “committed” is on, wtf? That reminded me of when I was hospitalized and how the dr. tried to talk me into shock therapy. Fuck that, no way as I know the effects thank you very much.

I so wish he could feel as good as I do because I think I got this shit licked, I think I have found the secret to personal happiness, holy fuck it’s so damn simple and it’s such a great feeling to be in touch with myself, well going back to bed for a while as it’s a lazy day.

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