How people play with other’s emotions and what do they expect to get out of it? Why do people fall for scams? Why are there people like me? I do not have an answer to a single one of those questions but I do know I am fed up with being alone and having no one.

No one to talk to or bounce idea off of, no one to have dinner with or romantic evenings, no one to have sex with and no one to touch and lie my head on his chest. I’m tired of all the lonely nights and time I spend by myself and I am finally going to do something about it.

I do not need anyone to make me happy as I have learned no one can but yourself and when you love yourself then and only then can you enjoy what others have to offer, only then can you really enjoy the humor of others. I want to laugh and share jokes and good times.

My life has got to change soon or I will go completely off the wall, I am way to fucking lonely and this is starting to wear on me. I need affection so bad that I feel like I am dying inside and I believe I am, it’s not that I am not happy I am just so damn lonely and tired of it.

Want to hook up and chill out and just enjoy life for a week? Fucking call me I’m already packed…..

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