To Late

I have wasted to much of my life on people that are not worth my time and I have finally seen how that has adversely affected my life. Wasting time with people that bring nothing positive into your life are not worth keeping in your life.

I am finally opening myself up to the possibility of meeting someone worthwhile and fun, someone that is everything I have always wanted, handsome, leader, intelligent, financial stable and all the other shit. I am no longer going to feed others when I go hungry myself.

I need love and affection so bad and I am finally going to start looking for it, I will be going on vacation in a couple of weeks probably just head to florida and take a break on the beach in Clearwater. I like that part of Florida.

I am not financing anyone else ever again and I was such a damn fool but I did feel like he was my friend but I guess I was wrong as there is no friendship there that I can tell. He’s nice enough but I have to move on and live my life with someone who will appreciate me.

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