I have decided to go to the campground next week and get the waterline unplugged and cut the grass. Haven’t been there in so long. I need to go and relax and it’s just nice to get away from the house for awhile as I am getting sick of it here.

I did something so fucking stupid when Cindy was living with me, fuck I put an add on backpage for escort service and used my pics so when people called I told them I was busy and Cindy went, she was nothing but a really messed up alcoholic and thief.

Cost me 3 grand to get rid of her but it was well worth it, now I’m getting these fucked up calls and don’t know how to delete the fucking add. I never went on any calls and wouldn’t because that isn’t me but this shit is getting ridiculous and has got to stop.

I am tired of all the bullshit and games that life throws my way and I just want to settle down with one person and build a life. It seems that I am asking to much but I do know in time things will turn in my favor as they always do, eventually.

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