Fuck Fuck Fuuuuuuuuckkkkkkkk!

I hate waking up with pain, I was up at 330 this morning I think was the time, popped a pain pill and went back to bed. Woke up with the fucking pain again, damn hips hurt so bad constant pain for days and then it stops, especially bad when it rains.

My grandmother had the same problem, pain in the hips arthritis I assume but it hurts so damn bad it is hard to walk. Hot bath always helps a lot loosens the muscles and relaxes them but I do not want to take a bath as soon as I awaken. I’m one of those people that usually gets up and goes but the pain slows my ass to a halt for a while.

Next Wed back to court and those bafoons will not drop the charges so I will have to go to court again and will have a trial unless they drop the shit, which I have access to the record from the probate judge that says I am innocent but that takes time to get a hold of.

Next week I also get the good ole colonoscopy, don’t know how the fuck I’m getting there and back home but I cannot drive myself, typical bullshit problems of being alone. I think Big Rick will be in town and if not maybe the judge will sign the paperwork regarding the kids.

Shelby can pick me up and take me home, I know I will be drugged up for the test. I’m not concerned but since my dad passed from colon cancer it’s good to get checked and call it a day. I have to see my probation officer this Friday and then I’m off to the campground.

Need to get shit done there so I can hopefully sell by the end of the season which is coming up rather fast. It’s a shame to spend 1600.00 a year on “rent” and not use the place but that is the way life is. Hopefully that asshole at that law firm will settle and be done so I can get my loan.

What an arrogant prick trying to get me to sign off and pay him $2500 for services he fucked me over on and thinks he can benefit from it as well, fuck him. He doesn’t want me to file with the bar to fucking bad prick. He thinks he is God’s gift to women, he is a user and a piece of shit.

Now that I have that out of my system I feel better but I still do not like the way that “Gabriel” talked to me like I was some kind of slut. You do not talk to me like that unless you know me and he doesn’t know me and he comes across very arrogant and talked to me like all I wanted was his cock.

Well, buddy I can get cock anywhere any day and much easier than you can get pussy. I do not need to be talked too like that and will not. Sure, I admit it fucking you is on my “bucket list” but it is not in the top ten so don’t even go there.

I like to be talked to just like anyone else that you first meet, you do not talk bullshit and sex, hi I’m Kimberly “can I fuck you? I know you want me” is not quite the way I approach someone I do not know. Just shows lack of respect and absolutely 0 class.

He says he’s in Albany, probably with “jasmine” the two of them played me well now didn’t they? Well, that is in the past and will not be repeated. He says his youngest son’s name is Brian that is bullshit as well unless his youngest son was bore by another woman than his wife.

I am giving him one last chance and that is it, I have invited him to the campground and I know he won’t show up so I guess I can just call this virtual relationship dead, just like an old used up computer. He can take his iphone and ipad and shove up his I ass for all I care.

Well it’s time to take my morning shit and flush out all the trash that I have consumed in the last 24 including all the mental shit as well. This colonoscopy will be good for me as it will flush all the shit that has stuck way the hell up my ass.

Katie is moving to Minnesota the end of the next month and I am glad because I do not want Ryan getting to close to her. She has a plan and I already know it because she is full of anger and hate for me and I will not let her use my kids to get back at me.

Her anger is misplaced but she doesn’t seem to think so but she will never get her hands on a fucking dime I put away for the kids. I just wish she really cared about my kids but that isn’t going to happen because she is so jealous that her dad spent his time with them, even though he only existed around here.

It’s so interesting he is in Albany but his phone call comes from Monroe, guess I’m the stupid fuck huh? I am so tired of being led around by my nose that I am sick to death of this game and will no longer play it. He can continue to pine away for O or S or FU or whom ever because that is his life and doesn’t concern me any longer.


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