Clouds Part

I looked up and saw the clouds slowly part and then the sky opened up and I was looking at God. God said to me, “my child do not weep” and I began to shed tears and as they rolled down my cheeks a smile began to spread across my face.

I was not weeping from sadness,o no I was weeping because I was in the presence of our Lord and that made me feel heavenly, it made me feel weightless and I felt as if I were floating. The presence of God in my life has made me who I am and I am proud of what I have become.

So many do not believe in God until something terrible happens and then they call out to him. For all the people that gave up on God, God never gave up on you and never will. God is not a myth or someone who was dreamed up, God is here and now for all of us.

My counselor asked me today how have I been able to deal with everything that has happened to me and my answer was quite short and simple, God I told her God is with me when I laugh, when I cry, when I hurt, when I am helping another. God is with me right this second next to me and protecting me.

She understood how I could put so much faith in God and she could see how I have accepted what is to be and I spoke of him to her and then the session ended. I wasn’t able to finish our discussion but I do know God watches over him and protects him as well.

He doesn’t understand that I am his protector, he thinks I am totally crazy which is fine as that is what I have expected. I am not going to let him make me feel like I am crazy because I know better and so does God. I didn’t go looking for “him” quite the contrary.

“He” came looking for me, he chose me and he has pursued me for years yet he is to afraid to show himself. Why did you come looking for me? Why did you choose me? Why have you pursued me so? Ask yourself these questions and when you have the answers you will know your destiny.

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