It’s hard to let go of people and things we are used to having in our lives as we are creatures of habit and change is not so easy for most. I don’t have a big problem with change, I could move today and it wouldn’t bother me one bit and I could walk away from everything I have it that wouldn’t bother me either.

The way I was raised taught me early in life that life is one big disappointment so do not get attached and you won’t hurt so much so that is how I have lived my life. No attachments, no pain but it still is hard to let go even of a virtual as it feels like I have lost a best friend.

I know that sounds stupid but when someone is in your life for several years and they know about everything that has happened in that time, it’s as if you have shared a very private part of your life with them and now it’s time to end that relationship and yes it has a bit of sadness to it.

There are always endings and new beginnings in our lives but some people do not know how to deal with the change and it really rocks their world. I am fortunate the only thing or person that ever rocked my world was “him”, yes I fell in love and I fell hard and I have never felt anything like that emotion before but I don’t go where I am not wanted.

I think I may have helped him through his divorce I do not know if I helped him at all but I think I might have but his bed has never been empty and neither has his heart as I have no doubt he has a woman right now on his mind and she isn’t me.

I do feel sad that we are parting ways finally but I can no longer stand in one place and it’s time for me to spread my wings and find my own happiness with someone who wants to share my life and has the same value system.

I am really a very traditional woman with untraditional sexual desires and that is a very uncommon combination. I am not a slut but do find being a slut in the bedroom keeps a very happy relationship and that is what life is about being happy with another

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