Ok if you changed the password on my backup book please change it back would you? Why do you spy on me anyway, do you actually think I would let you have access to anyone I am interested in? No way, I am more than cautious knowing you are on my computer all the time.

Just for your info I have several emails just like you and several computers that I use for my own privacy because you are always prying into my business, do you think you can fix the password on my reader as well since you changed that?

Do you think changing passwords and screwing with my computers is going to keep me away from other men? I have a home phone you know and you can’t do anything about that and you cannot control my life or who I see, you wanted me to go out well I am and I feel like a school girl again, so thanx for pushing me that’s exactly what I needed. 

Life is good, very good and thank you for ignoring me because now I am going out and back into the world again and I have no doubt soon enough I will replace the void in my heart that once was for you and you alone so do not feel guilty for fucking other women hell fuck away and enjoy yourself because that’s exactly what is on my agenda, thank you take care. 

My book is hooked up now and so is the reader so please fix them for me, you know you cannot stop me from talking to other people on the computer so don’t waste your time pulling that shit again, ok? You don’t want me but don’t want anyone else to have me, is that it? Well, hon it doesn’t work that way just remember all the women you have fucked in the last 3 years and you enjoyed every minute of it, so do not try to steal my thunder or rain on my parade.

It’s time to let go of me and time for me to move on and you know it and you also know you have no intention of meeting me nor did you ever so what is the problem now? You don’t love me and you know it, maybe you care a bit but not enough to return my money so as I see it you really don’t care at all, now do you? Just fix my shit, ok?

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