Not Your Fault

It’s not your fault what happened to me and it’s not your fault for not knowing and it’s not your fault for assuming I was trash as that escort ad speaks for itself. There are things in our lives we are not proud of and that is one of mine but Cindy has no skills and she needed the money.

I am not perfect and have a lot of shit in my closet but I am trying to clean it out and rid myself of so much and I really am trying to be the best I can be, do you understand that? I am an open book and I hide nothing but most people hide so much.

You think you know someone when you really know nothing about them at all, you can be married for 18 yrs and find out you never knew your spouse at all as I did. People always want to show their best side because to see a person’s bad side isn’t attractive to us.

I am sorry I lashed out at you but this situation is quite difficult for me and if all you want is friendship then say so and let me be just that your friend. I have to take back control and not be so damn scared again and I am the only one that can do that.

I wish you would decide what you want and what role I play in your life and let me know because this isn’t fair to either of us especially me. Show me the real you for a change not the persona you show everyone else as I am not everyone else don’t you know that sweetie?

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