Are We Rich Yet?

I was raised on the wrong side of the tracks and we were very poor and when you are raised like that and you marry someone who has never gone without, it’s hard for them to understand that you do not blow every dime you have and live paycheck to paycheck.

Bob said he wanted to handle the bills when we got married so I said fine and let him have a go at it for one month. I found out my house note was late and that was it, he was no longer to pay bills but I did try to keep him in the loop but he didn’t want to be bothered.

I will never again have that type of relationship again, both parties should know where every dime of their money is. I managed to pay off our cars, house and all the bills and have money in the bank but yet I was accused of spending all our “our” money which was my fucking 401k I stopped putting money into the year we got married.

He cashed in his lousy 24 g’s and pissed it away of course and the damn mediator gave him every thing so when we got back together I swore I was turning her into the bar association and I am getting to it finally. That bitch new he was dieing and still fucked me over.

Well, things obviously happen for a reason and I am finally ready to move on and I am. I have decided to visit someone I have never met before so this will be a first as I have never left my state to meet someone. It’s scary for me but I want to live and enjoy life, meet new people go places.

My son and I were talking and he said to me “mom it would be nice if you met someone rich” and I said o no it wouldn’t I have enough problems. He didn’t understand you give way to much up when you’re rich and you always have to look over your shoulder, who are and aren’t your friends, people steal from you it’s just not worth it.

He said I wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills and I told him you always have bills no matter what, even the rich have bills. I hope he sees the importance of having love instead of money and I think he learned that lesson as we are both so happy he’s home.

We’ve had a good time together without Shelby butting in and being so  bossy all the time and taking over. She tries to run the house and me and Ry both, it’s kind of funny but sad in a way as well. She feels totally responsible for both of us and she shouldn’t.

I have been thinking about this trip to ny and I am finding this individual to be a bit over the top on self assurance and I sure hope he isn’t arrogant as I cannot stand arrogance. I went out with a guy one time that was arrogant and of course he got arrested and I was stranded with his vet.

Well, I drove his car home left the keys under the mat and left him a message how to get his car, you know the funny thing is he called me and I told him I found him to be to arrogant and he wanted to take me out again. Lol, I never went but he remembered my birthday and called me the next year, he just happened to get busted the night of my birthday.

Im starting to feel a bit pressured for sex from him but only time will tell if this goes anywhere at all and if it doesn’t I look at this way, I met someone new, hopefully I like as a person and we stay friends and I also get a break from my daily routine.

I hope he doesn’t make all these big plans because I’m not going to be up to that, I want to relax, kick back talk get to know each other and you cannot do that going out all the time. Im not against going out but quality time is more important to me.

Most women want to be wined and dined all the time, I’m ok with that once in a while but home is where the heart is even if it is a hotel room. It would be so nice if we could just go to out of the way places, quiet places, no shopping and running all over the place.

I figure with the hours he works he isn’t going to want to do that anyway and if he does, well he’s going to get bored with me quick. I go to bed early and get up around 7 and gets up at 5, damn don’t know how he works those hours but they aren’t good for him.

People need to enjoy life not become workaholics, Bob became a workaholic and I swore never again would I be with a workaholic. He never spent anytime with us at all and that sucks. I understand having to work but the hours he works is way to many. He isn’t a spring chicken and he better really look at his life and where he wants to be in ten years.

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