Let Me Love You

I used to hate myself, yes I did as so many others do. It falls under low self-esteem and that is where the self-hatred hides itself. You  loathe who you are and your illness, you loathe people around you and your family, you loathe yourself.

Self hatred can destroy a person and you do not dream or have wishes, you do not look forward to anything and you look in the mirror and want to scream. Hating who you are is a very difficult place to remove yourself from but can be done.

I have learned to love myself and I have done it by letting someone else actually “love” me, yes when you allow someone else to love your life changes. How could this be you may ask and my answer is this: someone who loves you shows you the way to happiness.

Letting someone actually love you changes your outlook on life and yourself, everything becomes colorful and wonderful, life becomes exciting and fun. You have to learn to love yourself and spending time with someone who loves you.

Love is a wonderful and when you are loved by someone they take notice of all your good points and they tell you and show you. Love is a healer as love can build you back up and make you feel good about yourself but you do not need to be loved by another to love yourself.

I have accepted who I am and I’m ok with who I am, I do not need anyone to accept me as I have accepted myself and that is fucking awesome. Yes, I love me and I have let me love me and no one can knock me down again.

You cannot let others rain on your parade, you have to take a stand and not let anyone say things to you that may tear you down. No, you walk away from that shit and remind yourself that you are special just like everyone else and no one can hurt you.

You have to remind yourself that you are invincible and you control your destiny to a certain degree. You cannot let yourself pull yourself down and under into the darkness. No one is ugly and useless, no one should ever hate who they are as we are all special, yes even you.

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