Loveing Arms

Loveing Arms

I can’t wait to feel his strong arms around me and holding me tight, yes I am so looking forward to this time away and just spending time with a man. I so do love men and always have as I find men to be quite interesting in many ways.

I am truly amazed by the perseverance that my stalker has and wow is he ever persistent. He is romantic in a very unique way or maybe it’s just unique to me. I do not remember being romanced as he is doing, no this is definitely unique and I’m loving it.

I have been pissed for so long at all the bullshit but now it’s all falling into place and making sense to me. He is so damn nice, nice as in a person should be but they are rare finds these days for sure. I am so looking forward to the caresses and kisses, the get to know you touches and those deep gazes into each other’s eyes.

Yes I am aware that my dreams are something he wants to make a reality for me and I think that is just crazy but that’s why I love him, he’s silly like I am and I really like that about him, he is so romantic and highly sexed which is something that fucking rocks!

All Thumbs

All Thumbs

So how many of you enjoy foreplay as much as the dirty deed itself? Why do people let sex turn into boring and a “job”. 

Making love is something special between two people and fucking is what you do to enhance your sexual desire for one another.

That’s when you need to introduce a threesome, yes I do believe an occasional threesome can really keep a relationship lively.

I do not find anything dirty or wrong about bringing a third party into the bedroom and enjoying each other physically. People treat sex like it is something dirty and parents don’t bother to talk to their children about the subject.

I seem to be a woman that is unique in her thinking but I assure you there are plenty of women that think like me. We like to get “freaky” because we know something the younger gals do not know. We are experienced and we know how to keep our home a happy one.

I really want to be in love and I do believe it’s about to happen but if it doesn’t it doesn’t and if that is the case I swear I am going to beat the shit out of him. I really do not want to get physical with him but if I must kick his ass then so be it.

The Dance Of The Night

The Dance Of The Night

He is always on my mind and I wonder what he is doing and wonder if he is thinking about me as well. I think this entire “relationship” that we have is really something and I am finding it to be quite romantic in such a subtle way.

I must say being courted this way is interesting and exciting as it keeps me wondering and guessing and that is exactly what his goal has been all along. He’s a sly one indeed and smart, o yes very smart but he wanted me to know who he is and he dropped a shitload of hints.

People like to hide but they also like to be found as well and that is exactly what he did, laid out information that would lead me closer and closer to who he was. He knows I know who he is but as long as we do not meet until we are completely alone. I guess he feels safer that way which is fine with me I can live without the bullshit .

I am so excited about meeting him as this is so damn romantic that he has got  like the most romantic guy in the world. How that is so hot to me. He needs to know if what he feels is real and I am the same way as I have these feelings.

I need to validate my emotions and I think we both already know but need to be together to get to know each other. It’s crazy isn’t it, to have feelings and deep emotions for someone we have never met. He knows me better than anyone alive, even my closest friends and that is so odd but comforting.

He is comfortable, yes I feeling comfortable chatting with him and that is a nice feeling as is the protective feeling I get from him. It’s just the oddest relationship yet it is comfortable and fits well and I like it and am enjoying the hell out of the dance of the night.

To The Cell I Go…Again………

To The Cell I Go…Again………

Let’s just be kids and enjoy life for once, throw caution to the wind and just laugh and enjoy the beauty around us, let us forget our troubles and problems and just be young and carefree again. Let’s run away from the world’s problems and just be ourselves with no one to judge us, condemn us or dampen our day. Don’t be shy and don’t be a talker, let’s play in the sand on the beach and walk hand in hand as friends if nothing more.

We both need this, we both need to reenergize and be happy if only for a few hours- I won’t beg you to stay but wouldn’t mind if you did-let the child within come out and play and just enjoy the day-  I am a romantic and love to dream about life is a romance, I so enjoy the little things, watching the grasshoppers jump from weed to weed, walking barefoot next to a pond and dipping my toes in, a good old fashioned picnic with the checkered cloth, bottle of wine, some bread and cheese.

I’m a simple person as I have found no happiness from the pioneer stereo and turntable I bough back in the late eighties or this mausoleum we built. Yes, everyone thinks I have a gorgeous home and why would I want to give it up? Simple, he built it for a show piece not a home and I ordered the extra electrical as being an electrician in a steel mill did give me some useful knowledge. Everyone has always been so impressed with our home, but the person that should be which is me.

I was raised poor and he was raised quite well to do so he wasted and that really drove me nuts, but hey he was my husband and that was my choice, quite frankly my marriage sucked and I will not have another relationship like that again. I’m so looking forward to when I can sell this house which won’t be until Ry graduates in three years. Shel, well she wants me to stay in Michigan but hey girlie mommy got to do what mommy got to do and that is move out of the burbs of Detroit.

Move out of Michigan all together and I’m looking at California because I just cannot live with this pain constantly as I do in Michigan. The humidity is a bitch and the winters well they are not good for me, tonight is another humid night and of course my back is fucking killing me. Gotta tell ya, I’m sitting here watching Thomas Crown Affair latest remake and I just love this flick as it is exactly the type of relationship I have had for the last several years.

It’s been sexy, romantic, maddening, jealous, controlling, hot and so on, ya it’s been a trip having a virtual relationship but it does make one think.  I will confess to being a tomboy as I do like to work on mechanical shit, I’m pretty damn good at selling and problem solving. I have skills few women have or desire to have but I’m still trying to teach my daughter never to rely on a man. People die, they leave, they disappear shit happens.

Just like when her dad died, he died of leukemia of all things since he was so damn sick all the time, damn I hated that, him being so sick so much and the kids seeing him wheeled out on a gurney. The kids have known he was going to die as far back as they can remember and that sucks. I had a thumbie made for Shel, it’s a thumbprint of her fathers put on a charm on a necklace and I might get one for Ry as well now that he has outgrown his metal allergy.

I’m still allergic to all jewelry though except white gold and I really do not mind as jewelry doesn’t do a thing for me, now put me in a kitchen with a loaded fridge and now I’m happy as I adore cooking and  baking and have sold quite a bit of my creations. The two things I absolutely adore is cooking and great love making yes I know that is quite shallow of me but when you look at it, food is something that always brings people together as does sex.

I’m a summer dress no panties type of woman and I think the body is beautiful no matter color,size or shape and I believe in reaching in my sex life. Even though it has been non existent for like three years I still have dreams you know. I just can’t give myself to just anybody but given the right situation hell I think I would be throwing someone down and just taking some, I’m so naughty but don’t you love it? LOL