A Love Letter

I love leaving love letters, I used to leave them in the car, his lunch, the mail, on the fridge everywhere because I was trying to make my marriage “work”. It never did work but at least I tried, normally one shouted have to try it just is.

It flows through you without a thought, you just act and share the feelings you have with another. It makes people feel good and thought about, it makes people have worth and self-worth and letting another know you love them is just “is”.

Love letters are such a sweet way of sharing your emotions for another, I just don’t say I love you, I say I LOVE YOU!!!!!! I love the person God has put on this earth, I love your kindness, your good heart, I love your long fingers and broad girth, I love your voice and hearing you smile when I cannot be in your arms.

You make me smile for no reason and I catch myself smiling when I think of you, you make me complete. You make me look beyond myself and you make me look towards others in a giving way, you have helped shape me into the woman I am and I thank you for that and I love you.

I love you now

As always,