Syllables I do speak, I do write, I do convey to you, these are my gifts to you and you alone. My syllables are mine alone and I share them with you and you alone. Do you listen closely as you read the words to yourself? Do you not see me in your mind and heart?

I sit naked in the corner with my knees pulled up under my chin, I think of you and I and I think will I ever be we? Will there ever be a thee? Are not my syllables enough to tell you my love for you comes from depths of what is I. 

I am not a myth, I am not a lie I am love in the purest of form, raw, naked and giving to you and only you. Do not trifle with my emotions as I am barely stable. I have searched forever but until you I did not realize that searching was not the key.

Just, just waiting when God sees my suffering shall come to and end and so I may share with you the wisdom I have learned on the pot holed road I have fallen on many a time. I lay bare and naked to you, I am the gift that God sends to you.

Love the gift and treat her well as God has made her road a rough one to share so she has traveled it alone and you shall reap the knowledge that only my heart knows of. I give you what has been given to me to pass onto you, to make you wiser and more compassionate.

I give all of me to you through my Syllables

One Moment

One Moment

It only takes a moment to change your life it could be while you are talking on the cell and driving or texting while driving. It could be sitting on your back porch and the phone delivers that moment, it could be in the middle of the night.

What do all of these have in common? A moment in time that can change your life from the car accident that kills you to the birthing pains of your first child. Life is a string of endless moments that are brought on by pain or joy and fillers in between.

We search for what we can never find because what is to be ours comes to us when it is time and not a moment before. We get caught up in wanting, wanting it all now without working or waiting some of us are dreamers, the great dreamers of this world.

Without a dream you have nothing to strive for, reach for and pray for, without that moment that changes our lives we can never experience the sadness or happiness that is ours and we cannot learn and grow as we should.

Do you have the power to make someone’s moment in time change? Do you think it is within you and only comes from you? Do you not believe that the higher power places within your grasp the ability to change another’s life?

We are forever changing and growing, we teach we learn and it is not of our own making so do not fool yourself into thinking you are God Almighty. He has a master plan for each and everyone of us and he plants a seed that grows and shares it’s entire life through us.

As a child I would skip stones across the creek, as an adolescent I learned to stand on my own two feet, as a teen I shared my body with another and in my age I eventually gave birth.

These are defining moments in my life and I have seen much adversity but I thank God for giving me the strength to make it through another lonely day, another sad moment, another day in jail. The moment that stays with me is my husband’s death.

There is few relationships we have in our life that gives us meaning and losing a spouse no matter how the relationship was, it still has an impact that never really leaves us. I think of him less and less and I open my heart to another to give me what I didn’t have in my marriage.

It will be that moment, that very special moment that defines my future.

Rain Drop

I looked at the drop of rain

On my window

I followed its path

Down the glass

My eyes stopped

When the drop halted

And then I knew it

Was you

You were the 


That stopped in

Mid travel

As you looked

At me

And wondered

Is this the hand

That will change my


Is this the finger 

That will change my 


Is this were I

Shall end up


And Me