It’s Called Romance Dummy

It’s Called Romance Dummy

Romance is the key to a great relationship and romance starts with a single flirting glance, the gentle touch of fingers crossing each others paths, gentle kisses and warm caresses. Romance is slow and intentional, it is deliberate and directional.

Why do you think “new” relationships are so exciting and titillating it’s called romance, yes romance ladies and gentlemen. When the romance dies the relationship dies along with it, you must always appreciate your partner even when you argue.

You must be big enough to examine the argument the value and worth of it and how it affects the both of you in the long run. No I’m not a psychiatrist and hold no degrees but I can read people very well and I watch people and pay attention.

Romance doesn’t cost a dime, no it does not as it could be a welcome home kiss, nice dinner and giving each other nice warm oil massages before bed. No, romance doesn’t always involve sex, in fact most of the time it doesn’t it.

Sex may be your ultimate goal and may happen but romance should always come before sex, I don’t care if it’s a single passionate kiss and I missed you and then turn her around throw up her dress and fuck her right there and enjoy life.

Don’t make sex boring, make it alive and dancing make it bubbles and popcorn, hell make it ice cream and smiles. Just make romance as that is what makes us the happiest and when we really enjoy another person. Flirting is also romance but not the in your face obvious flirting.

No, flirting must be sly, sneaky it must be stolen glances and sending over a drink or taking your best shot, that is all romance. Romance me any day and chances are I will get lucky, lol o mean you might get lucky but keep smiling babe, that’s what life is all about, smiling.

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Up To You Up To Me

Up To You Up To Me

We have traveled many a road many a mile and many a country to meet on common soil. You have been everywhere, haven’t you my angel? You have traveled the world and not found what your idealistic mind has sought.

You have found not a single lady that can understand you’re uniqueness, idealism, humanitarian, intelligence or that you are drawn to the unusual and different plus keep you TOTALLY satisfied, now have you? No, sadly, my dear you have not.

Then, then one day the curtains of the world opened up for you and you met to cause harm to one and you got love in return, yes you got love. How odd and strange that was to you now wasn’t it? You actually harmed another and they did not lash out in hatred.

No, my dear hatred is not the answer, no it isn’t and never will be, love is unconditional and has no boundaries, love has no weight to lie upon your shoulders but can lift your heart to new heights, love can answer the calling in the night, break the silence like dropping a stone in a still lake.

I can tell you I was not born this way, absolutely not and I was filled with rage and so much hate and anger for so very long. But when you do forgive yourself it does feel good to milk that snake forever and that is what I have done in many areas of my life.

I have suffered as you know I have suffered terribly at times and my daughter actually gave me “permission” to get two more little miniature Yorkies so I’m going to have her talk the lady that that Athena and her daughter to let me have them back to see if they are ready to breed.

I want “Theenie” to be with me as much as possible to see that the pregnancy goes ok, hell let me truthful I would love to have them both back and give them puppies for free. But knowing my daughter, she will not let me slide Athena and Apollo back into the house. 

Why am I letting me daughter run my life? At this point I have realized that someone else is better off doing the driver for awhile. I am not going to get into an argument over dogs, no way I do not have that much energy so I’m fine with what ever she decides.

Ok I got side tracked once again, but we have traveled many years to get to the point we have finally reached and that is making plans to meet one another or so I hope. Time is running out and you know it and soon you will be off again.

And what if there is a connection? What if there is a really strong connection? Do you expect me to leave my kids? No can do, maybe for a couple of weeks here and there but not for months. Do not even ask such a thing and what ever shall you do?

Jump in bed as soon as you can no longer wait to be with me again? Get lonely and just “have some company” to break up the monopoly? Sorry, I do not work that way and when I give I give all of me and expect the same in return.

I’m laying my cards on the table so no surprises down the road, got it? No, I do not want to marry you but if there is a connection I will be the only one, got that? No fucking lieing, games, cheating none of that horse shit, got it?

It’s my way or the highway when it comes to fidelity and relationships because just remember one thing, with what I have, I can get all of what you have in nothing flat, not so easy for a guy, so don’t laugh to loud for to long.

We are adults and as adults we have responsibilities to follow our hearts and if we do not set an example for ourselves how can we for others? We belong together, do you finally get it? Maybe not as lovers maybe just great friends or business partners.

If we don’t go the next step we shall never know and I am really scared but I am ready to take at least a tiny step as I am sure you are as well. Both of are idealists and we have a specific purpose and we do have a “job” to do even you believe it or not.

I am not trying to pull the “God” card but I am telling you we have a purpose and I do not know what it is but I feel it so damn strong I cannot deny it. No, it’s not love, but it is something and I for one want to know what it is. Who knows we may just be great friends and that is all, don’t bet on it though, buddy. 

Please do not be married or living with someone of the female persuasion, please? The best relationships are always based on truth and honesty.