How do you feel about dating more than one person at a time? Or living with someone and you are the new flavor and she has become nothing but “filler” in his life? There are people that must have someone in their life at all times and others like myself that doesn’t need that space constantly filled.

Some people need to have feelings stronger for someone else before they can make the move they know they should have made a long time ago. The relationship is comfortable and she has been there for him and they like each other as people.

He just doesn’t feel the spark and fireworks he wants to feel, he feels it when he is talking with the other one and of course she is none the wiser. They meet, click, really click and then he has some tough work to do and his life becomes hell for a while.

He is willing to do what he must to finally have what he has wanted for so long and she is finally here with him by his side and he is feeling everything ten fold now. He makes his presence known to her online by the fb pokes and the subtle posts.

I think you should make your move first and then do your searching because to many emotions get involved and people get hurt. I hope that isn’t the case here but one never knows now does one? Wouldn’t it be scary for me to open the room door to a midget, bald and talks like a munchkin? lol

Silly Is As Silly Does

Why are people always so serious? So many have their panties in a wad and can’t laugh at a damn thing including themselves. I thrive on stupid silly shit because it makes me laugh and laughter is awesome.

Life has become to demanding and rushed, there are no more leisure strolls and watching the flowers grow, everyone is in such a hurry and rude, damn people have become so rude. People do not like to get stupid because it may “reflect” poorly on them.

Well screw that is what I say, enjoy life and take it in for all it’s worth. Embrace that sunshine and whirl in the wind, smile laugh, laugh a lot.I think people have lost the “fun” in themselves and find something like a picnic by a lake to be to mundane for their lifestyle. I would so love to to have a simple picnic next to a lake, my word that is a great time to me. Yes, I am simple and boring to most, but you know what? I don’t give a damn about anyone else.