Marijuana Mayhem

I’m throwing it out there right now that I find nothing wrong with using marijuana for medical purposes. My understanding is that most people will want access to it or it wouldn’t have come up for a vote and the marijuana users could purchase from “dispensaries” but now they are trying to change the law.

The politicians are like the “right to lifer’s” as I refer to them and yes I  support a woman’s right to do as she sees fit without badgering. I have read about the side effects of some of the medications I must take as well as my son and I actually would prefer to smoke pot then pay to kill myself sooner.

My son wants me to help him get a “card” which is proof that you are state approved to carry marijuana. Politicians, hell they always fuck up a simple project and to draw attention to themselves. It’s quite sickening and that is life but hey let’s go get drunk and laid and talk about silly shit, Ok?

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