Weeping Fall

I think fall is such a romantic time of year and two people can grow together rather quickly because fall is when things go dormant. It is a time to put to rest troubles and worries and it is time to open one up to accept what is headed their way.

I think fall is sexy the weather gets cool and cuddling and hand holding is sought. The perfect time for a romance to  begin to bud is in the fall. There is something so romantic about the fall and I think it makes me want to be close to someone.

Relationships started in the fall have a certain advantage I think because the fall is the “physical” time to start a relationship. Look at all the spring babies born that is proof enough that the fall romance is very physical and unique.

I have never been in love and if I can’t have a relationship that is “Je ne sais quoi” then I don’t want a relationship or love. Love should not be describalbe, it should be so deep and all consuming that you  cannot describe it.

I finally started to pack for this trip, lol all I can say is what a slut I am! Yes a 53 yr old woman can be a slut when she chooses to be and I guess it’s time for this old girl to let her hair down. I think I need this trip worse than I originally thought.

Give To You

When we are very unhappy with ourselves we tend to deny ourselves of what we really need at that time. People walk away for their own reasons but they either do not feel that they deserve to be loved or they are fearful of being rejected first.

It’s hard to get past these emotions but if we want happiness we have to grab it when it’s available. Don’t turn down opportunities because you never know what might happen. If you, ya you the one that thinks he knows so damn much, well let me tell you buddy you are to damn primrose yourself.

You want to hate yourself, I cannot stop you but will wait on the side of the road until you have finished that  way of expressing your emotions. Now that you are through with that b.s., tell me what in the sam hell do you think you are doing? Really now, wtf is wrong with you? 

Now lie down and meditate, wash the chalk board clean and focus on you and you alone. Take control of your life and do what you really want to do for a change. Live for yourself for once, dammit make your life happy and fulfilling before it’s to late, I’m telling you no one waits forever.

You need to learn to become one with yourself and exhale all the negativity in your life, this takes like five minutes a day doing it several times works just as well. You have so much to give and have given so much, now it’s time to give to you.