Weeping Fall

I think fall is such a romantic time of year and two people can grow together rather quickly because fall is when things go dormant. It is a time to put to rest troubles and worries and it is time to open one up to accept what is headed their way.

I think fall is sexy the weather gets cool and cuddling and hand holding is sought. The perfect time for a romance to  begin to bud is in the fall. There is something so romantic about the fall and I think it makes me want to be close to someone.

Relationships started in the fall have a certain advantage I think because the fall is the “physical” time to start a relationship. Look at all the spring babies born that is proof enough that the fall romance is very physical and unique.

I have never been in love and if I can’t have a relationship that is “Je ne sais quoi” then I don’t want a relationship or love. Love should not be describalbe, it should be so deep and all consuming that you  cannot describe it.

I finally started to pack for this trip, lol all I can say is what a slut I am! Yes a 53 yr old woman can be a slut when she chooses to be and I guess it’s time for this old girl to let her hair down. I think I need this trip worse than I originally thought.

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