White Christmas

I am watching a movie called mixed nuts and the soundtrack and the storyline are Christmas related. The movie made me think of the last time I enjoyed Christmas. I was twelve years old and wanted a blue parka jacket and I had opened all of my gifts and there was no jacket.

My grandmother came over with presents for us and when I opened the gift it was a green parka jacket. I was kind of down that it was green but then it hit me, I had the jacket I wanted, maybe not the color but never the less I finally had a warm jacket to wear while waiting for the bus.


I enjoyed Christmas watching the kids open their gifts but other than that I haven’t had a nice Christmas since I was twelve. I know this may come as a shock but a new vacuum or floor cleaner just doesn’t make a Christmas for the “little lady”.

I hope this Christmas is different and I have someone to share it with as that is what makes Christmas so happy. I like sledding and throwing snowballs, drinking hot chocolate with marshmallows and playing in the snow. 

I really enjoy shopping at Christmas, all the smells, pretty lights, decorations and the excitement in the air. I like holidays because they can be so romantic and it’s a time to show your feelings for the person you are with. Christmas can be so fun with the right person.

I hope my son has a girlfriend because “love” is so sweet during the holidays, I have no doubt Leo will still be in the picture and that will make Shelby very happy. Christmas is all about kids and that includes the kid in us because when you feed that inner child, life is so much better.



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