I gave you my heart

You thru it back at


I looked at you with


And you looked back at 


In fear

I could no longer let 

You be my


This puppet has


But you really don’t 


I cannot make you love


And even if I


I wouldn’t want 


I don’t want a 


No, I want someone

Free thinking

You aren’t ready for


And I don’t know if

You ever will


I just can’t wait 

Any longer for

What is meant to 


You are the only


That can make things


And you do not want

That at this


But I will 

Not sit and wait

I cannot as

I am in need

Of love now

Not when it’s

Convenient for you

A relationship takes

Two, two who

Want to be one

Two that will work


And are willing

To ovrcome

But it takes two

And that two 

Doesn’t appear to 

Be me and you

The Love Letters

Want to keep romance alive? Right your sweetheart love letters, they should be hot, romantic, sexy, titillating and exciting Sexting is also a good way to keep your relationship exciting. Ladies remember men are driven by sex so pull out your hottest lingerie and send your man a sexy, hot text or talk dirty to him on the phone.

Many women refuse to admit they masturbate but let’s not kid ourselves, everyone has done self gratification and phone sex is also the ultimate turn on for your man. Don’t be foolish and let another woman satisfy your man when you can do it all by yourself.

I have found it keeps relationships exciting and rich and there is no head turning or attention paid to other women as long as you keep it exciting and sexually hot. men need plenty of physical attention and you have to work with their fantasies as well as your own.

I Just

I have come to accept that I just do not fit the bill someone has and yes he considers me a friend but nothing more and I have no choice but to accept that. We love each other but I tend to be the one that has been making all the effort.

When you are the one reaching out all the time and the other person doesn’t, there is no sense in meeting your head against a wall because nothing is going to change their feelings but themselves. I do not want anyone to change a thing for me so I accept it’s a one sided relationship.

Unfortunately we have reached the end of our road together and no we cannot be friends at this time because there isn’t enough respect in the relationship. I do not wish him ill, no I do hope he finds what makes him happy because I am not one to want harm and sadness for anyone.

I have no doubt he is in a relationship that will get better now that I have exited the picture because I feel I am to much of a distraction for him to concentrate on his current relationship. You have to be big enough to bow out when you may because others indecisiveness.

Taking myself out of the equation should bring him much happiness with his current relationship because he can focus on the current girl at hand. He doesn’t seem to be able to find his total happiness in one woman, which is a shame.

He has so much going for him and he is a good man and for all you ladies out there interested in a hell of a guy, let me know and I will pass it on to him. Just because things didn’t work out for me doesn’t mean it won’t for you.

It doesn’t change my situation to be mean and hateful and say negative things about him or anyone for that matter and as long as I keep positive and upbeat I am doing myself good as well as others. People that choose to say terrible things about someone they were involved with need to mature.

Don’t Give

When you think you will never find someone that will love you and prove it don’t look any further than f.b., I took a chance of meeting someone and even went as far as flying to another state. He didn’t show up, which really wasn’t a surprise but did hurt none the less.

Well, as I sat in the airport I started checking my mail and got contacted by a new dating site, low and behold I did some surfing and what did you think happened? The hottest guy close to by age and I have struck up quite the conversation.

What’s really nice is he is willing to come visit me instead of the other way around and that says a lot. When someone will go the extra mile to meet you that should tell you a lot and it has. I think we need to chat a bit more before he comes to the states but at least he shows that much interest in me.

No, he hasn’t laid the I love you line on me for which I am glad but he is sexy with a big S and such a gentleman. It’s not so easy to find someone my age that I am attracted to but he definitely has caught my eye and  we chatted for hours today, which is a good sign.

I put so much into a one sided relationship and I have found that it isn’t worth it as I do not mean enough to him to meet me. That’s ok because I know my worth even if he doesn’t and I am not going to waste my time on someone who won’t invest time into me.

Well, I have found someone that is interested in me and would like to meet me and we will see how things go, of course don’t you know he’s an aquarius and we have hit it off fantastically and I do hope things continue to go in the right path.

I’m not looking to get married but a relationship would be what the doctored ordered for me and he seems to be so loving, kind, intelligent, handsome, awesome body, romantic he is the full b

Feel It

Do you feel the betrayal? Do you feel the rejection and the warmth of my tears as they stream down my face, feeling like a fool once again and for what? For his cheap entertainment I assume, well Im still going on the trip and I will be fine just getting away is going to be great.

Well, guess what? I’m doing ok and I have finally excepted the truth, you are more fucked up than I could ever begin to be and you are really into hurting people. Enjoy yourself do you? well I have no idea why but I give up, I’m throwing in the towel, you win, ok now get the fuck out of my  life.